Anyone up for helping out?

Mission: To continue the life of HMS Hermes /INS Viraat in a way that inspires future generations and bestows pride in those who served in her.

This funding will assist in the founding costs of the return of the ship to the UK with additional costs being met by Corporate projects.

• To provide employment for ex-service


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1. Where's it gonna go?
2. How will you generate enough cash to fit it out for it's role?
3. How will you generate enough cash for it's upkeep and staffing?
4.What is the USP, apart from 'this ship took part in the Falklands Conflict'?
5. WRT above, who these days (sadly) gives a ****?

Sensible, well-thought out and costed answers please, not emotive 'boo-hoo, yor slaggn of teh SAMA heros'. This is all about 'the proposal and intent' not what happened in 1982.

This is not my project. I have donated and am spreading the word, so I am not the one to ask those questions of.
I guess you follow the link and find the contact details and ask those who are driving the project.
Sorry I cannot help more.
"In the heart of London?" I doubt it and although it is a laudable exercise I don't know how it's going to fare on the journey back. Assuming it survives then where in London could it be parked? If they couldn't get Plymouth sorted it's going to be a sod getting a ship that size to become a museum piece. Added to which making it authentic would have to have aircraft and choppers. :cool:
I am just spreading the word. I hate to moan about not having much of a naval heritage and then doing nothing, however slim the chance may be. So for the price of a large coffee I am supporting this effort.


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with only 19 days left, it looks like they will be over £90k short, so there be the answer, scrap it.
the web link is a bit short on the how, and who are the corporate backer's


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Loads of people whining on facebook as to 'why our government won't support heritage'. Yeah, I'm sure Hammond has a few spare million to shit out to bring a seventy year old tub of rust back from round the planet, find a suitable berth, pay for it's regeneration and conversion, commit budgetary lines toward for upkeep and maintenance and then watch the meagre queues of ex-Hermes vets and the debts pile up. It's almost too ridiculous to consider.

The government shells out enough on naval heritage. It supports the trusts in Pompey dockyard to varying measures (as long as they are proving profitable and sustainable)

Its sad its going ... but get over it.


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