HMS Hampshire sinking centenary 5th June 2016

Some great World War 1 centenary work has been going onin the Orkney Isle to commemorate the sinking of HMS Hampshire :Lord Kitchener was the most famous of those who died when the ship struck a German mine near Marwick Head, and the centenary will ensure that all those from ship who lost their life are remembered.
From the Kitchener & HMS Hampshire Memorial Blog.

"In seven days’ time we will gather in Orkney to remember the 737 men who died when HMS Hampshire sank on 5 June 1916.

The centenary commemorations are not confined to Orkney though. We have heard of events in Norfolk and Winchester, while others in the UK and around the world will join via the internet or through quiet reflection at home.

HMS Hampshire was sailing to Russia in stormy conditions when she hit a mine at about 8.45pm, British Summer Time, just off Marwick Head, Orkney. There were only 12 survivors.

There will be a service to remember these men from 8.00pm on Sunday 5 June on Marwick Head, adjacent to the Kitchener Memorial. The service ends at 8.45 with a two-minute silence.

During the service the new HMS Hampshire commemorative wall, an Orkney Heritiage Society project, will be unveiled. The low arc-shaped wall is engraved with the names of all 737 men, as well as the nine who died when HM Drifter Laurel Crown was lost on 22 June 1916. "


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The list for the Laurel Crown includes Clarence Stephenson, listed as a 'Trimmer'. Any idea what that trade involved?

Just checked - moving coal from bunker to bunker for the stokers to throw in the fire. I knew this job existed, not what it was called. Every days a school day.

For example, I think it was one of the German Battlecruisers, maybe Seydlitz, that had 100 men on board just to move coal around the engine spaces of the ship, and hence maintain trim.
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The HMS Hampshire Memorial Project have posted this on 'SoundCloud'

The names of all 737 lives lost on the sinking of HMS Hampshire on the 5th of June 1916, along with the names of the twelve survivors and the nine lives lost on HM Drifter Laurel Crown on the 22nd of June 1916. Read by pupils in Primary Four to Seven of Dounby Community School, Orkney.

Quite haunting ;

There is a whole list of those who died here :

Would be great to hear from anyone who attended the commemoration.

EDIT Have found this coverage of the Centenary Service on 'Live Stream' - can't get the volume to work though,
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