HMS Gloucester - Santander 1999


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Talking to a colleague at work about matters nautical, he asked whether I had ever, or knew anyone who had, served on the Gloucester during 1999, particularly during her visit to Santander in Northern Spain. While my answer to both parts of his question was no, he explained the reason for asking.

He is a test engineer for Jaguar Cars, and along with 2 colleagues, had been returning some test vehicles to the UK following a period of vehicle testing in Southern Spain. The return journey involved a drive from the test area through Spain to Santander to pick up the ferry back to Guz. During the drive, one of the vehicles stopped while his colleague behind didn't - result, one slightly scratched Jag, and one Jag with major restyling to bonnet and lights.

The rest of the journey to Santander passed with no further problems and three Jags duly arrived on the jetty at Santander in good time for the ferry, with the Gloucester tied up at the adjacent berth. An hour or so later, the ferry begins to board; this involved the vehicles driving towards the Gloucester before taking a right up the loading ramp onto the ferry. Up to this point, the Gloucester had appeared totally devoid of life; however, as the restyled Jag approached, just before it turned onto the ramp a large number of the ship's company appeared as one on the upper deck, pointed at the damaged Jag and, in their best Harry Enfield voices, shouted in unison "You didn't want to do that!". :D

My colleague was suitably impressed (and the driver suitably embarassed!) with this public demonstration of Jack sympathy :)

Anyone here involved?