HMS Glendower 1942 - HMS Victory X 1946

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by MrsFish3781, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. My father has just passed away and his Naval record is rather limited.

    I wonder if anyone can help me find the name of the destroyer on which he served.

    Full Name: Harold Anthony Armstrong Official No: MX109246

    HMS Glendower 18 May 1942 - 30 Jun 1942
    HMS Victory II 01 July 1942 - 13 Aug 1942
    HMS Drake I 14 Aug 1942 - 04 Jan 1943
    (RNH Barrow Gurney)

    HMS Victory I 05 han 1943 - 18 Jan 1943
    (RNH Haslar)

    HMS Victory II 19 Jan 1943 - 22 Feb 1943
    HMS Nile 23 Feb 1943 - 30 Sep 1944
    (64 General Hospital)

    HMS Nile 01 Oct 1944 - -5 Jul 1945
    (RNAH Alex)

    HMS Nile 06 Jul 1945 - 04 Aug 1945
    HMS Victory II 05 Aug 1945 - 18 Jun 1946
    HMS Victory X 19 Jun 1946 - 24 Aug 1946

    Any information anyone has (no matter how small) would be great
  2. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Very sorry to hear about your loss.

    Pending the arrival of someone who can explain how naval posting records work, I believe these are all shore establishments.

    Clearly your father did serve overseas, as I believe HMS Nile was the Naval Base Alexandria in that period. RNAH Alexandria would be Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital.

    According to this link, 64 General Hospital was in Alexandria 1939-44: British General Hospitals - Scarlet Finders

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you I appreciate your quick response
  4. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    You're welcome! Again pending arrival of the experts, the MX prefix to the number covered a number of trades. Could he have been a Sick Berth Attendant (SBA) - now Medical Assistant?
  5. Thank You.
    I believe from one of the last conversations I had with him, he was a CPO retired but you are correct that he was also an SBA. The Navy Command has given me very littleto go on.
    He was until his death a very active member of St. Dunstans (now Blind Veterans UK)

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