HMS Gannet SAR Flight Decommissioning Parade

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by clonmel, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Today, HMS Gannet held their Decommissioning Parade. They ceased flying on 1 Jan with the introduction of the HM Coastguard S-92s across the airfield.

    Many walkers, climbers, outdoors enthusiasts and indeed members of the general public owe their wellbeing to the crews of the venerable red & grey Sea Kings.


    My best wishes to all air-crew, ground-crew, and other support personnel who made this an excellent SAR unit, one of the busiest in the UK and with one of the most challenging areas to cover - everything from the Atlantic to Lochaber, and much of the Highlands and Islands.
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  2. Spent nearly two and a half enjoyable years at Prestwick in the mid-90's in what was only meant to be a 6 month draft. Only time I worked closely with the FAA, other than with FF/DD ship's flights, and was quite surprised how laid back & relaxed, yet totally professional, they were.
    Happy days...
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  3. Gannet was the best two drafts I had in the Mob - 1991-2 & 1994-96. Got to see Scotland from the air and got paid for it too!
  4. My best 2 drafts 2! Gannet, 819, then Gannet for last draft.

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