HMS Gannet awarded Freedom of South Ayrshire

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Long over due award to "The Gannet" as Waspie can atest too. When I was on 819 in the 80s, we constantly got SAR Callouts, I was on a jolly doing a RNLI display & we got called out to a capsized yacht.

    Well done to all involved since 1971.
  2. Agree fully.

    I always remember when the peace protesters tipped up at Gannets main gate. The Jimmy at the time had the squadron call out board erected just as the press arrived.

    Ban the bombs slogans drooped at the sight of HMS Gannet home to 819 NAS, Sorties flown on SAR duties and lives saved statistics for the press to film.

    Well done to all concerned.
  3. Who , might i ask, covers areas such as skegness and so on on the east cost? when caravanning there we often had sea kings fly over head on the beach doing a search but i never knew who it was running it, couldrose does south England and gannet does 200 mile radius as far as ben nevis and as south as the peak district but who does the east coast? (that i might add was a quick test for my learning from the navys faa sight on the SAR )
  4. Can't say for definate but it will either be the crabs in their yellow perils or the coastguard in their distinctive white and red livery. The big clue is CoastGuard on the under belly.

    How good's your aircraft recognition? :lol:
  5. Fulmar got the freedom of Lossie just before it was handed over to the Crabs ....

    Could this be a sign :cry:
  6. The difference between the two establishments is Lossie was crown property, whereas the Gannet site is leased from BAA. BAA did try to claim it back years back but the government in power at the time simply said they would compulsory purchase the site if necessary. BAA backed down.

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