HMS Ganges.

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by andym, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. I have to admit that I find it strange they have not already built on the site.

    My son now lives on the site of the old Manadon college in Plymouth and that went after Ganges.

    If it is retirement homes Ganges is destined for - an apt end to those of us that started out there.
  2. Unsure if many folk on here has seen how the site appears now
    Stumbled across it on an Urban Exploration website, I'm sure it would bring some memories back for some.
  3. The Martello Tower would make an interesting holiday home cum retirement residence. Do you think I would be allowed to restore the upper level to resemble how it looked in 1970? :)
  4. Steve,

    They'd probably bite your fingers off (complete with the money you hold) - it would save them having to maintain it !

  5. In that case I'd take over the Mast as well! :razz: .....on condition that once restored all the ex-Ganges pensioners living on site would man it :)

    PS WM: Have you seen today's Times 2 (11.11.08)?
  6. It took all my courage, and not a little persausion from the Instructors !!, -- you'll probably have even less chance of getting me up there as a (youngish) sexagenarian :shock: - but then I may (hope to !!) be living in a warmer climate, if the right numbers come up ... ;)
  7. Looks like Mazarron then!
  8. Personally I wouldn't even break wind within 100 yards of the mast these days, last time I went back to Shotley it looked as though it was ready to collapse

    Unlike the first time I saw it up close before climbing it for the first time, broke wind several times that morning!

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