HMS Ganges

Discussion in 'History' started by Old_Hand, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Just been looking through Youtube and found two short films about Ganges. One is in black & white so obviously filmed sometime ago and the other was filmed in Feb 2008 and showing its derelict state. Thought it might be of interest to old Ganges boys. Sorry if this is old news. If interested go to Youtube and type in HMS Ganges.
  2. Old Hand

    We are banned from using the word Ganges on this Forum except in the G.Spot thread. This is so we do not upset the young and serving. The correct terminoligly is "the G Spot"..

    See in Bases


    Loads of other threads.

    TROG of 1961, Drake 39 Mess SCW
  3. Rgr that Nutty. Not aware that the little darlings got upset so easilly. Won't happen again.
  4. Old Hand

    Its just they have an inferiority complex. Vincent Boys are OK except they only had to climb over a 14 foot 2 inches mast.

    The rest just know they were nor correctly trained and can never ever reach the standard of a TROG.

    If you have not read the "Why is Ganges so emotive" thread try this.

    G Spot

  5. At last an acknowledgement that boys were also trained at St Vincent, The mast may have been shorter but to fall is the same,just the sudden stop when you hit the deck(concrete) which makes all things equal.
  6. Yes, but even THEY acknowledge their inferiority... Nutty, Jaques le Douste & I shared a table with one during the Murcia RNA's Ladies Night, and he was VERY QUIET at first :biggrin: I got quite concerned! :bball:
  7. Yes, but even THEY acknowledge their inferiority...

    Never have, never will!
    There are a few icons on ROMFT that I'd like to have added here, but............
    FUKC RIGHT OFF will do.
  8. Bless.

    Be consoled: as a humble civvy, I'm vastly inferior to any St.Vincent inmate. :worship:

    ...Not sure about Raleigh types though ;) :lol:

  9. So you should be Steve......(ex St. Vincent) :thumright:
  10. Stripey :salut: :notworthy:
  11. St Vincent and Ganges boys ( in my time 63/64) had a mutual repect for each other but I must admit we did feel superior to the Raleigh mob when in 2nd stage training at Collingwood ( Electrical Branch holy grail )
  12. I had a look at the you tube film. The class marching through the gate was my old class Exmouth 33 class. we were in the green mansions, Exmouth 46 mess the year is 1959. PO Reid was our instructor. The class was all junior stokers and airy fairies. The other class in 46 mess were seamen and their instructor was PO Jack Cornwall.
  13. I've just has an enquiry at work: when did HMS Ganges close! :razz:

    I retrieved the Times article from 6 October 1975, p3, and read both with bemusement and shock. The most amuzing passage ended...

    '...The apparent time warp at HMS Ganges... insulates it from the town's hedonism, seems reinforced with the knowledge that its young sailors still have to attend compulsory church parades and may never "go ashore" unless in uniform. Even the motorist is warned "Beware - Sailors Crossing", conjuring up visions of automated bluejackets without mind or will. [...]'


    The most interesting bit of the article was right at the end, in the last paragraph, which said of the RN:

    '...It may be down to its last 180 ships...'

    Bloody hell - we had 180 ships as recently as 1975??!! o_O

    PS: When Raleigh closes down in 2015 ;) the Times will report:

    '...It may be down to its last ship...' :roll:

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