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It's to make a smiley face, if the kit muster fails then whoever is inspecting will change it to a sad face. :) --> :(


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great Pics,i just love the Old Uniforms.One thing always stumps me,in old photos why do the shoes always look like they need a bloody good polish?I also think that regg might be pulling a fast one with Auntie,i dont know exactly the date on the crd but 10 bob for a rail fare sounds a bit steep to me.The pic with the Figurehead on,if you could clean up the image so the Inscription can be read it might help.
Always_a_Civvy said:
I am not sure where this photograph was taken. I thought is was Ganges, but I don't think so now...

Does anyone know where this is?

It looks a bit like St Vincent -the figurehead was like that but it was sited at the main gate when I knew it !!
St Vincent was initially opened in 1927 and the boys were evacuated to the Isle of Man in 1939 they returned in 1945/46 .
The buildings were very similar to that sort and as shown in the photo the Naafi and Wardroom were in that corner of the parade ground.
The old car and single breasted jacket on the instructor date it about 1947 or earlier.
Thats not the Earl St Vincent figurehead ----------just had all my photo's out and although the buildings are similar I wouldn't say for definate it was St Vincent ----------------what about Whale Island??? or Vernon .
The buildings were basically all that style.
Graybags said:
Viewed the plans, must have been drawn up by an ex Joss, PTI or GI cos not only are Faith Hope and Charity to remain but they appear to want to build new steps down to the fore shore called Cascades. How many will have to double/bunnyhop up and down them before AAC starts a campaign against unfair punishments for local dogs and children.


Cascades? Ermmm! I was thinking that Faith, Hope & Charity would be a better option than Asbos for unruly ADULTS (now there's an idea!)... not children though - far too cruel! Anyway, I though cruelty as the G-Place was all a misunderstanding! :wink:

On the kit layout pictured earlier, what the hell is that bit of rope for at the bottom - the one with a smile. Is it a pin on pigtail as suggested by Andy or was it to cheer up the lads during kit musters? :lol:

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