HMS GANGES Parents Day 1968 Brochure

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Always_a_Civvy, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. This are some images from the 1968 Parents Day Brochure. I have it saved as a PDF file. If interested in obtaining a copy of the PDF version please PM me with your email address.







  2. Only a crown for the button boy!He should have been goven a bloody knighthood!
  3. ******* 2nd the above comment!!
  4. wats a button boy???
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    You see that picture of the mast on the front cover? Well, look up, to the very top - if you look hard enough you'll see a sort of dark speck, right at the top - that's the button boy!
  6. Pooley

    Further he has to shin up the last 5 metres of bare mast, pull himself onto a round bit of wood 50 cm in diameter, the button. The only support being a lighting conductor. Stand up straight to attention clasping conductor between his knees and salute while they play the national anthem. All this in full uniform and cap. At the end he has to slide down one of the stays which come from near the top double smartly over to the Captain or Senior Officer on parade, salute, report and collect his crown or 5 shilling's old money.

    No I never did it and agree is was worth alot more than 5 bob.

  7. It's amazing nobody (or very few?) fell off the button :?

  8. :roll: :roll: TROGS often fell off, but it did not matter cos we were the 'ardest barstards in the world after the Booties and French Foreign Legion.

    Nutty :idea: :(
  9. It seems they were ok as long as they landed on their heads!If not the got Trooped for Leaving Gash on the ground!
  10. There was the chip cutter at the bottom... oops, I means the safety net... that must have saved many a life... all the extra mince meat for dinner :wink:

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