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Here are a few pages from the HMS Ganges Magazine Christmas Edition from 1938. I am currently in the slow process of scanning my small collection of HMS Ganges Magazines into Adobe PDF documents which can be put onto data DVDs for retreival on a computer. (Hopefully once this is complete someone in the Ganges Association could perhaps copy the masters and make them available through Slops with funds going to the Museum. That is what I am aiming at.)

In my opinion the HMS Ganges Magazines produced at HMS Ganges between the mid 1930s to 1960 were the best issues for their humour and creativity, but others may disagree.

percey99 said:
Great magazine , it is a shame that most of the lads portrayed were drafted to ROYAL OAK and are now at the bottom of Scapa Flow ?????
I was thinking about that when I chose this edition to scan in Percey. Tragic! It brings history and tragedy home when you read something like this and realise how many will have died in WW2! They are not just numbers but people, yet it is all too easy not to fully appreciate the human element.

I have some additions to my collection - however my scanner has broken down (over use?) so there will be a delay. I have recently acquired the following Shotley Mags: Christmas 1926, Christmas 1927 and Christmas 1957. I will add some scans when I am able.

Here are some pages from the Summer 1958 edition, which I have just added to my collection...

As you can see below, both Slim and Nutty are both mentioned... :lol:

I have ask here though, WTF is going on!!! :shock:

My Father at Ganges starting Nov 1937 through 1938 term. Looking for information, can anyone please help? He later ended up in RN Commandos. Still alive and well. Thanks for any help or direction. Does any one else but HMS Ganges Museum have complete sets?
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