HMS Ganges... beware ye who enter here

If you could have your time again, would you want to redo your training at Ganges?

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As a matter of interest how many of you did your 22 and beyond not many I suspect therefore you look back with nostalgia, fcuking hated the place and made certain I never treated any of my guys the same as the youngsters were treated there. Sadists most of them and that's from a 15 year old who was in a council care home before he joined, streetwise to fcuk and kept my head down.
Ganges 67 to 68. Completed my 22. Would I do it again. 'You must be joking'. Twelve months of being shouted at - run here run there. Living with umpteen wanking, farting smelly kids!!!!!!!
Probably made me what I became or at least forged part of me. Like StM. City kid, street wise, kept head down and just got on with it!


Well this seems a good time to see if this site works properly.

Calling anyone out there who underwent training in, upon, within or above Shotley Barracks - HMS Ganges - who served as Staff or who is just damn curious about what many RN ratings endured to transform them from 15 year old schoolboys into MEN (well, sailors, anyway) at the tender age of 16... :roll: pay us a visit. We have a main site now: Please visit: HMS G****S

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