HMS Ganges... beware ye who enter here

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by NozzyNozzer, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. Possibly (I am not sure)

  2. You must be joking! (no)

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  3. Definately! (yes)

  4. I am NOT an ex-Ganges boy

  1. Well this seems a good time to see if this site works properly.

    Calling anyone out there who underwent training in, upon, within or above Shotley Barracks - HMS Ganges - who served as Staff or who is just damn curious about what many RN ratings endured to transform them from 15 year old schoolboys into MEN (well, sailors, anyway) at the tender age of 16... :roll: pay us a visit. We have a main site now: Please visit: HMS G****S
  2. remember the globe public house across the water at harwich ?? used to serve spotty 16 yr olds ... i.e . me
  3. Too scared mate! :wink: If I'd returned smelling of anything more aromatic than pop or milk the regulators would have stripped searched me at the gate and put me in cells, pending a flogging :roll: It probably didn't help than I looked barely 15 when I left the place! :lol:
  4. I joined Ganges on 30th September 1975, and left six weeks later headed for the Gosport boneyard for part 2 training.I don't remember an awful lot about it, but bits are slowly coming back.. Can anyone remember where the Elephant & Castle pub was ? I seem to recall the whole class going including the class instructor and a senior Naval Officer possibly a commander/ the Commander from Ganges, on my first PAS boat and first run ashore as a rating ah.. memories... G
  5. Only 6 weeks at Ganges??? Oh what BLISS :D

  6. Pity there were no more options, I really did not what way to vote.
    All the same Nozzy great post, hope it gets the deserved response.
  7. Suggestions for refinements are very welcome dt. It was the first time I'd ever used the polling thing - I am still a bit nervous about using various features available to me on RR!!! For example I got a friend to upload my avatar for me!
  8. I joined in "71" and liked the place that much, instead of going to Mercury with the rest of my class, i got backclassed so i could stay a bit longer. Moved from Benbow to Hawke div.

    Puting my serius head on now, i have heard a lot of stories about what happened to some juniors there. I was one of the lucky ones. Nothing happened to me or anyone i new there. Happy days 8) :wink:
  9. Are you sure you actually went to Ganges? :wink: :lol:
  10. So what stories did you hear about Ganges and juniors, PM me if you cant say in public, please no names.
  11. Joined at Ganges Jan 74. I was one of the "6 week wonders". I do recall my first duty, I got confused which bar I was supposed to report to at 23:00 to assist with the clearing up, I went to the bowling alley where the guy couldnt believe it so he gave me free beer whilst I was "doing my duty". When i finally got to the right place of duty (ships co bar) I was a bit tipsy but they let me of as I was an OD (not much changed after that..) :D
  12. Probubly nothing that did'nt happen in Army or RAF camps, bullying from intructors and badge boys who took themselves to seriously, and officers who turned a blind eye to most of it. The worst incident that happened when i was there, was a jmem got sentenced to Faith Hope & Charity, the badge boy who was supervising, did'nt beleive the guy could'nt do anymore, and he collapsed. Badge boy wasn't around for long
  13. I joined as a boy tel 15 years 3 months old in 1955. The training lasted 16 months. Seamen training was a lot less. Some good times some bad. Cuts was still a popular punishment for certain offences. Dont know anyone who went back for seconds. My instructor Chief Tel was tailor made for the job & was very strict but very fair & I believe did more stints in Ganges after I left. Think I would do it again but wouldnt volunteer.
  14. Joined in May '67 - Hawke (49 mess), I've heard them refered to as the red mansions on other threads but my memory tells me they were green!
    As far as I can recall only one guy got cuts in my time, for going on the trot I think, the common punishments were many hours on laundry hill, FH&C and of course the parade ground where the punishment often did'nt stop until at least one of us had collapsed from exhaustion. Even so I loved (almost) every minute, no regrets.
  15. What is cuts guys.
    Cheers RB
  16. Castration!
  17. Generally six swipes of a cane across the backside, whilst bent over a chair for one or more transgressions (going on the run for one).

    No, I did not get any, but my old man was a Crusher there in the 60s and 'informed' me of the consequences of erring.... !!

  18. Whitemouse,

    Couldn't you have waited long enough to put RB into a cold sweat at the thought that he might have been castrated had he been to the G Spot? :lol: Oi you, Rosie, stop grinning...

  19. Couldn't do that, they taught us to be honest...... honest !

    As the little blue foldup card they gave us said:

    Amongst other things : 'Always volunteer', and my favourite 'Never help a woman downward'.... I didn't know what that meant at the time - probably the bromide in the tea....

  20. Loved every minute of my year at Ganges.

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