HMS Ganges, Baked Beans, Bread Pudding and .... Pigs

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. I met a gentleman the other day who was a Sea Cadet in Dagenham when younger.

    He told me about visiting HMS Ganges and we talked about what it must have been like to stand on the button at the top of the mast.

    He told me that he remembered the baked beans as they were home made and not out of a tin like at home and also a very nice bread pudding.

    He was also startled to discover that HMS Ganges had pigs.

    Do any Rum Rationers who were at HMS Ganges remember special baked beans, bread pudding and pigs?
  2. I do remember excellent bread pud!

    As for the baked beans, grotty beans are grotty beans!!!!!
  3. Pigs, wardroom,!
  4. Remember the pigs. Kept at the Captains residence. ( juniors had a two week "work ship" period during which the juniors got to act like a proper matelot, skiving off duties to have a sneaky smoke etc. part of the duties was looking after the styes.
    On one of the windows in the Captains House was an etched message in the window stating that the "ride to London was arduous " etched by Anne Bolyn if I remember correctly.
  5. I remember the pigs. Workship was always fun and worth looking forward to.
    Spent one of mine down working on the jetty and boats.
  6. That's probably because you did workshop during the summer, that cold icy wind from Harwich in the depths of winter wasn't an idea time to be batting the frost off a Cutters sails.
  7. Remember the pigs (Collingrad had a pigsty as well), don't remember homemade baked beans though, coming to that, how do you make them??
  8. True, left in Dec 72 to Collingrad then we brought the Triumph back from Mombasa.
    Trip of a life time, or so we were told.
  9. remember work ship, the p[igs and the tin mine, which was domaine for 2 weeks.
    Baked beans were vile, haricot beans boiled to death then mixed with tomato sauce and bits of other seasoning. Nothing like the real pussers ones. But cheaper for the Chief SA (V)
  10. Did work ship at Captain's house in 1960. Pigs were another party. I was duster, polisher, lawn heavy roller roller. Capt HS McKenzie afore he went FOSM. Baked beans were sort of white beans dumped in a watery tomatoey thingy and were feckin awful. Bread pudding was ace as was the bread and butter pudding. I also did a workship in the CMG as a washer upper though the machines were almost automatic. Massive dining hall and we had to sweep and mop a big section after each meal with a full hands and knees scrub once a week. It was the first time I'd had bread pudding that was a bit stodgy and brown with a bit of spiciness, but it was quite nice.:glasses10:
  11. Us northan monkeys have always had bread and butter pudding hot baked in egg custard, wot is it with the southern version that is a cold, hard slab ?.
  12. Aah "Heavy Weights" thats Bread Pudding not Bread and Butter Pudding. Sheffields not "Southern" is it?
  13. South Yorkshire, yes.
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  14. Is it still the Soviet Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire?
  15. You know more than me Tops ?.
  16. Last couple of times I went up there was for funerals, the rest of the tribe moved south many moons ago, and it was a shit hole.
  17. Spose I am lucky living in York, it is sleepy town compared to others close by.
  18. [​IMG] The People's Republic of South Yorkshire
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