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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by mickpoolie, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. Can anybody enlighten me as to what is happening with the above association. I became a member a couple of years ago. Initially, all I got was a newsletter periodically but since then Ive had letters from every man and his dog explaining differing versions of whats happening. Can someone on here give me a quick impartial view of the situation.
  2. Your best bet mate, is to go to the Ganges web sit and read the forum. Basicaly what is happening is the chairman was voted out at the last AGM, the new chairman resigned as chair and from the assoc. An EGM is being held at the end of this month where a new chairman will hopefully be elected.

    hope this helps :thumright:
  3. Although not one of the 'chosen' I hope this group survives any storm and goes on for many years .

  4. Looks like the Ganges Web site is down

  5. Thanks for the info. I tried the Ganges website earlier so yes, it appears to be down. Thanks anyway.
  6. Go on Angwish, stand for Chairman! :wink: The Chairman (and before that the Hon. Secretary) Saga could be from a black comedy! Let's hope the person who stands as Chairman this time doesn't decide to resign once he realises the work involved!

    The Ganges Website Saga is a Greek Tragedy! Unappreciated and much criticised by the technophobic members of the Association, the website HAS GONE! Last time I looked at the site Clive announced he was pulling the site (which was run and maintained entirely at his own expense) with effect from mid-June. So the Ganges website is no more unless someone sets up an independent site FREE from the clutches of the Association! It's all very sad.

    If someone can set up & maintain a new INDEPENDENT Ganges site I'm willing to shoulder a fair proportion of the work and help share the cost - fuelled out of my obsession with the place - but cannot upload etc as I use a Mac computer and have no idea how to do so on a Mac. I did run a charity website when I had a PC, so I do have a little (basic) experience of doing so.
  7. I had occasion to contact the Ganges webmaster Clive, at the end of June requesting he post an obituary for an elderly old Ganges boy who had just crossed the bar. The site was still active then as he very kindly obliged by having it posted on the forum a.s.a.p. Obviously a most dedicated man who has funded the site operation at his own personal expense for quite some time.

    I have since heard a buzz from another source that there 'may' conceivably have been some chicanery of a suspicious nature surrounding the resignation of the original Chairman. There is certainly an atmosphere of friction and animosity connected with the whole affair and the present situation with the site being down. I would add that I pass this info on only for what may be considered to be credible to the readership , and not as a statement of proven fact .

    Having said that, their slops also had a block placed on them selling their "I Climbed the Mast' tee-shirts because the same individual in question claimed he had sole copyright on the Ganges mast logo. I mean WTF? - now I've really heard everything. Let us hope that this does not signal the demise of a site representing an organisation of great naval tradition. I for one would be prepared to subscribe a donation towards its future maintenance and upkeep as would many other Ganges boys I'm sure.

    Bottom Gun
  8. From all the letters that i have recieved, I gathered that the storm clouds must be sitting over the Association. I didnt know, in fact I still dont know the extent of the problems or the cause. I too would be more than willing to subscribe to the upkeep of a website for what is/was a great Naval institution. The fact that I hated the place when I first got there is neither here nor there. It stood me in good stead for the next 24 years!!
  9. That's not Dickie by any chance? o_O

    Did he get original copyright from MOD (Navy) for creating a marketable image of The Mast in the first place? I think we should know! I recall it comes under Crown Copyright. I think I should register the term 'Ganges Boy' and charge royalties on the use thereof. :wink: :biggrin:

    I contacted Clive back in May offering to contribute towards the upkeep of this website but have heard nothing since. Perhaps he could do something like the RR site where one can donate via PayPal?
  10. Ganges website is up and running this morning :thumright: least I logged on and had no problems ...I haven't been on there for a day or two though
  11. It does appear that there is something unsavoury behind all the recent discord at committee level within the Ganges Association. I would also agree with Always_a_Civvie that we should all apply for copy right status forthwith if the mast logo has already been so easily shanghaied by he who shall remain nameless (for the time being anyway) LOL. But you're quite right - enquiring minds do need to know the score.

    Perhaps we should collectively draw the attention of Clive and other responsible colleagues on the committee to the depth of feeling about their inhouse 'problems' on this board. I'm sure Clive himself would be reassured to know that he is not being left to fight this particular battle singlehandedly. As mickpoolie has already pointed out Ganges has stood us all in good stead throughout our subsequent lives so maybe now is a good time for payback and a little support . What do you reckon?

    BTW alanbach thanks for the heads up on the site being up and running.

    Bottom Gun
  12. I will certainly lend any support that i can. It would be a great shame to see such a great Naval archive sink in the way that it appears to be.
  13. ======================


    Police investigate cash missing from naval association - Local - Portsmouth News

    <<...HAMPSHIRE police have arrested a 53-year-old man after it’s alleged tens of thousands of pounds went missing from the UK’s largest association of Royal Navy veterans.

    The HMS Ganges Association, which has 3,000 members across the world, reported a loss of up to £67,000 to detectives...>>
  14. It wasn't me!!

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