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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Nutty, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Nozzy

    Come on yer slack bar steward Britian Premier Public School left orft the list.

    Jenny get posting your know all there is.

  2. I did it on purpose, just to wind you up! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Jenny, As an Honorary Ganges Junior (HONTROG), better known as Junior Jenny, please feel free to contribute with the pertinent comments of an outsider, especially one who wasn't even born when the RN Ratings' Eton was decommissioned and left to rot (not that it was ever far from that state to begin with!). And just remember, if you feel bored, you can always, in the old Ganges tradition, suck your THUMB!!!


    For the record I used this picture in a class mini lecture on Ganges - I wanted something to illustrate the fact that I was discussing 15 year old kids, and this pic served the job brilliantly. Questions were asked (which I now ask myself) was he sucking his thumb, eating a Mars bar (I don't recall Mars bars going back before the 70s) or perhaps practicing blowing his new Bosun's pipe - well they didn't ask that because they didn't know much about the RN, before the mini-lecture! Can anyone out there (in hyperspace / RR solve this mystery) ? Nutty - could the mystery thumb sucker actually be YOU? :wink:
  4. Hi NN,

    Any idea when this piccy was taken?

    The lad in the centre appears to have a bow wave on his cap - and in 1962 that was a definite no!-no! - and was immediately spiked on the bed post !!

    One of the lads I trained with (Pete N) had a perfectly shaped round head and never, that I can recall, had a cap spiked.
  5. I got the pic of "Brick" Wall's excellent site (where I've only just noticed Geoff "Wessex" is also depicted) so it is probably 1967-68, as Brick was there then. The page link is here:
  6. Nozzer, suck on this!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't get me wrong I like hearing the 'Uncle Albert' dits, my grandpa used to enjoy telling me his stories! However, I think his can date back passed your dits, sorry lads!

    Crack on, this forum is for you folks, spin away all you wish, you ain't going to get dug into about it.
  7. Ah well Jenny, it was worth a try!
  8. When did hats get spiked?Iwore one with a bow wave until 71,thats a new one on me.
  9. Certainly during my time at Shotley Pt 1 Basic training in 62/63 they were spiked - as did many in my class, and they were none to cheap to replace even in those days on the few pence they allowed us.

    Any other trogs get the same treatment ?

    But after Pt 1 training I had no problems, the only problem I had then was trying to tie Bunny ear bows on the ribbon until I went into fore and aft rig.
  10. Can I be an HONTROG!

    Please! :lol:
  11. Hi Dunkers, I'm quite happy for you to be an HONTROG if it's OK with Nutty, Whitemouse, etc! :D :?:

    Personally I think the Ganges Association should do the same: could charge double membership subs (or Associate life membership for £500 - always a good money raiser, in my experience) to "Associates", with no voting rights - but sadly its just for old boys, which means that all those memories will perish with us - what a tragic waste! :idea:

    I've got a fairly rich friend (rich by my standards) whose nuts about Ganges, knows much more about the place that I do (I went there & he didn't!!! :oops: We visited the site a few years ago and he was showing me around - I couldn't remember what half the places were that I was looking at!!!) and would happily part with his money for the cause. He wasn't even born when I went to G! He's called Seacat on RR - not yet contributed much though - a bit shy I think! Needs half a pint of neaters inside him! :lol:

  12. I have just looked at 37 Class and 38 Class, Drake Division, 39 Mess circa November 1961 photos. Every cap has a bow wave cos few heads were round. No hats spiked in my mess, your instructor must have had a bee in his bonnet.


    Not me sucking the thumb. I thought Marriane Faithfull had cornered the Mars Bar market, no thats just another urban myth. Mars bars date from the 30's
  13. Thanks for the link, it confirms that the Lt Cdr Thorpe mentioned by some of the G***** people was the guy who was the supply officer on Troubridge when I was a Mid.

  14. Bee in his bonnet - I like it :lol:
    Can't remember his name, maybe he was just a bit different than others in the main camp.

    If you haven't already read John Douglas' book, I recommend it, it gives examples of various Class Instructors throughtout the years and how they treated their boys.
  15. Gently, I hope? We wouldn't want Dunkers to read it and get the wrong idea, would we!

    You can obtain a copy here Dunkers (hint). :)
  16. I've already read it! :p

    Some brilliant dits in it :lol:
  17. That's a relief! Having read it did you conclude that you would like to have been an inmate (obviously after 1976) :wink:
  18. Actually I quite honestly think I would like to have gone there! But then maybe I'm a sadist, very naive, or both... the very strict discipline aside (then again how else do you keep 2,000 15-year-old lads in order) it does sound good. I bet the camraderie and sense of pride you got there was wonderful. And in terms of employment - a very stable "job", where else can you get that now.

    One question... how did anyone manage not to fall off the button? Surely vertigo would have had an effect? Was it slippy? Very small?
  19. I never got up that far - scared of heights! Did the minimum I could get away with with and burned my hands on the way down (so desperate to get down the first time, see) for which I was, of course, punished - self inflicted injuries!

    Ganges with less harsh discipline, with punishments tailored more to the boy concerned might have been more appropriate, but not without creating its own problems of inconsistency and perceived unfairness. I must admit that I'd love to redo Ganges now knowing what I do, but miss out on the really humiliating bits - quite happy to have strict but fair staff, just not ones that take pleasure in publically humiliating you several times a day, day-in, day-out for my first few unhappy months! The professional training was great (apart from sore knuckles when learning to type properly - it's just natural to want to look at the keyboard :roll: ). Discovered my love of dinghy sailing, sculling, archery (imagining certain instructors were in the firing line) and some more violent sports involving accidentaly clobbering other people with sticks in the name of sport :lol: :lol: Pity none of them were instructors! I knew I got my masochistic tastes somewhere! :twisted: (I still like the supposedly "genteel" sport of croquet - don't be fooled - played properly it's just like hockey for the less physically able! - didn't learn that at G though, not being Wardroom. If the lawn's drenched then it's almost like water hockey, if it's icy, then its similar to ice hockey - what more could you ask?!! :lol: ).
  20. I think that it was about 12" diameter, and there was a query shaped (?) lightning rod so that the brave body could grip it with his knees and calves - though I could be wrong as I never made it to the button myself.

    Even the bribe of the shilling, half crown or whatever, was not enough inducement .. :!:

    There must still be some ex button boys around who could answer this more exactly ?

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