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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Scran_Bag, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. I'm trying to locate an address for HMS Fulmar Association. Had no joy with Google.
    Would appreciate any info from any source.
  2. Thanks Slim. It's a start, a list of names but no mention of any Association.
    I may try a tentative e mail to someone on the list .
  3. Scran_bag

    You may want to try the RNA at Lossie, I have a drink or 3 in there when i'm up on hols and I know there are stilla few old and bold go in there

    Royal Naval Association Club
    26, Commerce St, Lossiemouth, Morayshire IV31 6QD
    Tel: 01343 813193

    Sad to say - no email address
  4. Went on the Speyside whisky trail recently and ended up in Lossiemouth for my penance (is that a word). Low grey shitty buildings everywhere, but with a quaint harbour front cafe, as such. Rip off prices mind you.

    Anyway, I remember some club two roads down from the main street. Not sure if it was RNA because I was haggling with the local petrol station attendant who hailed from Kent. Got out of the place intact and thought thank fcuk. Get this, I only went there because I was born there and wondered what the place was like. Thank fcuk my parents took me away. Quaint yes, realistic in a modern world, .......... get ta fcuk. :(
  5. Dabs

    I was born there too, Mum's from up so I consider myself a 'Lossie Loon' I'm sad you feel that way about your birthplace however i've got to admit that since the Crabs took over things have gone downhill (At least that's who I blame anyway :wink: )
  6. Hey Guys what planet are you on? Lossiemouth is beautiful, no muslims, arabs, not that we can find anyway and with a population of around 6,000 two great beaches,clean, hardly any yobs, great pubs, nice people, little crime, i say again what planet are you on?dont see much of the crabs as such, but dont know of a HMS Fulmar Association, tho i am informed that next year there is going to be a 25th anniversary thing for people who served here, like myself.
  7. Agree with you Hig, spent many happy years at Lossie, both my kids born in Elgin. Drinking with the fisherman was not too be undertaken lightly especially if they'd had a good catch. The Coulard just outside the gate (well a short stagger) nearly always had an extension (longer opening hours). Plenty of bars, The Boots (two red shoes) in Elgin was alwaysgood for a laugh. happy memories
  8. Was great when we took it over from Bomber Command. Nice billets, no swamped Nissen Huts etc. Taxiways and Peri strip lined with brand new A/c from factory. Mainly Warwicks (Ex Wimpy), they were full of good stuff. Aglepoise lamps from Nav table, unobtainable then, fitted nicely into our billets.

    Winter of 46/47 snow and sleet covered South, blackouts cut all power - but up North it was clear so Trans-Atlasntic flights were diverted to Lossie.

    Nice people out there too, if memory serves me right.

  9. I have only fond memories of Lossiemouth, spending a lot of time in the Steamboat Inn. Is it still up & running ?

    I have heard that Lossie has turned from a small fishing harbour into some kind of Yuppie Marina, is this so?

    I've been unable to find any trace of a Fulmar Association, well never mind, I've still got my memories.

    Thanks for trying chaps.
  10. Hig, It might be good for the local tourist office for you to extol the virtues of Lossie, but my personal experience was of the place being my worst draft of my service. It was bearable when I spent the first few months at Pinefields overflow , but the move to the main accomodation was over a year of request chits asking for a draft anywhere.
  11. there were quite a lot of people that thought Lossie was out in the sticks, but on the other hand lots of others thought the same of other Air Stations, i personally have always enjoyed it up here. Its a matter of choice, having been to Yeovilton, Culdrose, Arbroath and Anthorn, i much prefer it up here.

    Yes the harbour is now a marina, but i think most of the boats are owned by foreigners, and of course the English!!!!!
  12. Forget the RNA - you should try the Red Shoes!
  13. The 2 red boots ain't there any more

    Try Here

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