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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by usmarox, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    The girlfriend's currently thinking about joining the RNR (couldn't sell her on the TA - my bergen's bigger than she is :)). So she took my advice and rang HMS Forward directly. Unfortunately, no-one seems to be picking up.

    Are they grossly overmanned? On block leave? **** at their job? Or can anyone tell her the supersecret phone number with a person at the end? Answers on a postcard please...

    Help me out here...the nagging's getting a bit much...
  2. Summer leave until the end of suptember, best to call the RN's central recruiting number and the unit will call her when they are back.
  3. She tried the central recruiting number...didn't get very far, hence the cry for help. Have passed that along though, thanks. Now have to try and explain the concept of block leave to her...
  4. My advice would be to visit your local armed forces careers office in person. :)
  5. Unfortunately the RN/RNR perminant staff shut down for a few weeks during the summer so you'll have more chance of raising the dead mate.

    Never really understood why myself, but hey ho, its just one of them things.
  6. I will happily help her, please send me a private message with her details and I will make sure she gets an immediate response.
    The unit may be on leave but if you message me I will help forward her enquiry
  7. Hi usmarox,

    Forward isn't on leave, but it is very difficult to get in touch with the Unit during the day as it is very understaffed. The Unit used to have three people in the UPO, now it's just one.

    If you want to PM me with your girlfriends' details, I can have someone give her a call.

    Alternately, she could go along this evening as Forward meets every Tuesday. The address is: 42 Tilton Road, Birmingham B9 4PP and it's directly behind the Blues ground. If she were to go along at around 1930, there will be someone on the gangway who can help her out..
  8. Watch it usmarox mate, when a matelot asks for "her details" he normally means cup size...

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