HMS Forest Moor

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Shakey, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Just wondered if anyone else had spent time up there.

    To the best of my knowledge it's still in use but it's run by DCSA and staffed by civvies.
  2. Never as a draft, but did quite a few jollies there auditing of Stores accounts when it was tender to Pembroke in Chatham.
    Lovely place, very relaxed Pusser as I remember, in Yorkshire.
    The Elmers had a 'secret' station just up the road ?
    I also remember the local pubs up the road, where it was hinted that wifeswap was a going concern - never did find out personally though.

  3. Elmers? Yeah, the septics have a big base a mile away, RAF Menwith Hill. Big spy base, employs loads of yanks and three RAF officers!
  4. Forest Moor was like being in the twiglet zone - hoofin great yank base up the road and the tiny wee Forest Moor with all the strange people living around there - anyone remember the dotty old bird who used to 'break in' to the compound as a protest against nuclear power or something??!! And she would come in wired up in case any of us were rude to her
  5. It's run by VT Communications on behalf of DCSA in an outsourcing deal.

    Nice place, grim in the winter though.
  6. Lindis Percy I think she's called. A lecturer in Peace Studies and unrepentant lesbian. Allegedly.
  7. I've been past the place but never entered due to the 'lesbians' outside the gate! A good run-a-shore in Harrogate though if you don't mind mixing it with Pongo trainees.
  8. What's to repent over?
  9. I think you're right there Shakey. A right royal pain in the rump she could be as well. Kept on going on about what was in there until they got in one day and found out there was fcuk all.
  10. I have been there twice once in 66 and again in 70 .It was great then just RN.Plenty of time off pleny make +mends what a draft .Tweny four on seventy two off.Run our own bar organised our own functions basicly did our own thing :) :).Went there for the fortieth anniversary ot it first commissioning .Them stupid women all over the place .Armed M O D police the lot .That was september 2001 just before they started the changes.It became civvies and try service but it is civvies now i think (not sure) :)
  11. It went through a period of integration with the RAF before the outsourcing, they had a Sqn Ldr as 2i/c and a Cdr communicator as OC. The WEO was RN and the Ops Officer became an RAF post.

    That came with command over two RAF strategic radio sites as well, one at Lossiemouth and another down south somewhere.
  12. Does any one remember HMS Inskip? the transmitting station sister of HMS Forest Moor? In the 1970's it was a nice place to be and not to far from Blackpool either but a bit far to be if you didnt have a motor, long walk to railway station from there, but you could always see the red tower lights on the 600 ft masts to guide you back to base.

    "Why did all the RA's want to drink my TOT for me? " :D
  13. Lindis Percy!! That's her - weirdo. Didn't realise that it was all civvy now - same old, same old I guess. I left to go outside from there in 94 and it was still all RN. There's a nightclub there that I could never find when sober.......
  14. So it was all you ham shankers who stopped an honest Yorkshireman from getting a home posting. I would have settled for Forest Moor of Inskip,but some bright barsteward decided I was more suitable for Dolphin Sub Quota followed by three boats. You lucky People.
  15. I remember Forest Moor in days before sat comms...was at Inskip in early 60's and inspected FM in 79/80 when attached to CDCN....CO was two and half ringer Electrical Officer (ex POREL)
  16. hey it took me 9 years to get that posting! And it was still a 70 mile drive home
  17. Absolute luxury! Guz is a lot further away than 70 miles

  19. i loved my time there...

    we had a darts night with the nurses from Harrogate... the amount of shagging going on that night LOL

    we had our own JR bar/gym/sauna... there must have been about 20 of us.
  20. I was there in 1991. Loved it so much that when I left the mob I got a job in Harrogate and I am still here 11 years later.

    Forest Moor looks bleak and they wanted to turn it into a secure hostel last year but the council turned down planning permission.

    Menwith is a sight to behold, especially on a foggy night. If you have never seen it then make the effort.

    Harrogate has quite a large military population with the Americans and the Army Foundation College.

    I do remember the vicars wife jumping the fence and had to get her down off the roof on a number of occasions. She is still about and is a regular up at Menwith.

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