HMS Flying Fox

I've been invited to an evening at HMS Flying Fox. Its for my first presentation with the RNR. Is there anything that i need to prepare for before hand? I am currently 17 and just wondering what roles there are for me to carry out? Also, if anyone knows, how many trades are there in the RNR? I am looking at something involving warfare.

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It was complicated.
As I didn't pass my RT for a Warfare officer, I went to college to do Level 3 Public services. I was told its a year + wait after I re-sit the RT until I have the chance for BRNC. So as I haven't completed college yet, I am thinking about joining the RNR as a rating and to gain some experience until I am able to apply to the fleet as a Warfare Officer. I thought I may benefit from the RNR and have the possible experience behind be when applying.
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Hi mate,

Warfare options in the RNR you're pretty much restricted to WARSEA, Mine Warfare or possibly the diving branch. I know a few guys from down there in the WARSEA branch and they should be able to give you some info on it.

Good luck.

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