HMS Flying Fox - Bristol

Hi there,

I'm currently applying to the regulars to become a Logistics Officer. I'm also looking into the RNR, my local base is HMS Flying Fox in Bristol.

I will be attending one of their recruitment evenings in due course, but I just wondered if I could get some advice on here first.

As I'll be turning 26 this year, I've missed the boat on applying to other branches in the regulars. Does anyone know of any other roles available for someone of my age without a university degree in the RNR?

Secondly, are RNR Logistics Officers ever likely to be deployed?

Thanks in advance.
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Jenny - RNR provides a wide range of options. You have to be realistic about timescales though - if you join as an officer, it will take you 3-5 years to meet the 'Trained Strength' requirements which are a minimum to get you on the list of people able to deploy. At best you'll be going out on the back of the end of HERRICK, and in reality, you are unlikely to go out any time soon. I'd have a think about why you are going for the Naval Service, why you are going for a Commission and what you think you'll get out of it.
Thanks PT. So are you saying I should rethink my chosen role? (Logistics Officer) Obviously I want to work on ships and make a valid contribution, and so I don't want to spend years training for a role where this is unlikely.
RNR Loggies tend not to go to sea very much. They tend to be shore based - reasonable chance of Afghanistan but as PT says - if Herrick finishes in 2014 as it's supposed to the chances of you achieving trained strength by then is doubtful.

There are other options such as Intel or Amphibious warfare. Not sure about the former but as and Amphib watchkeeper there is plenty of sea time available.

The guys down at FF are a top bunch too. If you did choose that route you would be guarenteed some giggles on the way.

Good luck.
Ah, that's disappointing about the Loggies. Well, I'll still go to their recruitment evening, to find out what my options are. Is it possible to change your application to a different branch? (if indeed I'm eligible for Intel or amphibious warfare)

I've got my AIB for the regulars in April. I've been told that if I pass AIB I'll most likely start at BRNC in May 2013. I thought by opting for the reserves instead I could get started sooner. But I'll only opt for the reserves if I can do a role where I'm needed at sea.