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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Billy Q, Dec 20, 2015.

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  1. What is going on at Worthy Down formerly HMS's Kestrel and Ariel?
    They are spending a fortune turning the one time airfield into a Tri-Service Establishment.
    The RAF, Navy and Army have all had an interest in the splendid 500 acre site 4 miles north of Cathedral City Winchester with two fine rivers nearby. Sandhurst still uses it as does Cranwell in a more limited fashion Dartmouth has no current interest seemingly.
    Its got a Parade Ground and Airfield with first class accommodation being built. To train what few Jack Dusties we have or Scribes together with the RAF and Army ones?
    Anyone know?
  2. I think it's going tri-service for the logistics branch.
  3. It's probably going to house Camerons immigrants once it has been modernised to a high enough standard
  4. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    All of DCLPA going in. Loggies and Scribblies. Super Garrison. There will be loads of jobs going soon.
  5. Hadn't realized it was to be that luxurious. Let's hope they use non-flam furniture and fittings, as they're inclined to set fire to places when they get bored
  6. College for: Tri-service Logistics, Admin and Policing.
    Stolen from Wiki: On 9 June 2014 the Ministry of Defence announced that a new £250 million Defence College of Logistics, Policing and Administration was to be built at Worthy Down, with training facilities and living accommodation for up to 2,000 students and staff. The facility, which will bring the training for key support roles for the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force onto a single site for the first time, will be completed by late 2018
  7. And in 2018 DMLS (Defence Maritime Logistics School) in Raleigh will close (but not Raleigh itself).

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