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I have been waiting to start training as a Rubber Dagger, but have been told today that I will need to wait until September at a minimum so I have started looking at joining the Royal Naval Reserve. My local unit is HMS Ferret, I have had a quick butchers on here but can find no useful Int, and their website is just plain confusing.

I appreciate that detailed answers may not be offered on an open forum but I have a simple yes/no question- Do I have to be serving (PsyOps)/ commissioned (Int) in the RNR to apply for this?


Ferret does not provide New Entry training, you'd need to join another unit then when you have completed initial training you have the opportunity to indicate a branch preference.
That’s what I thought, it was THIS page that threw me, probably outdated. I’ll give President a bell and see what’s what, cheers Karma.



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AFAIK FERRET is purely an admin unit. Times are changing and its days of being "TOP SECRET BURN BEFORE READING" are gone.

That said, better to train at a 'normal unit' and then go onto it afterwards.

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Removed a bit due to my usual paranoia. The people at Ferret may not be as secret but they're still as twitchy.
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