HMS Exeter UK Visits

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nicks, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. This wont breach Op Sec so just a few dates in the UK this Summer for people who would like to see the oldest serving ship in the fleet before she goes for good maybe.

    London............May 27th - May29th

    Barrow............June 6th - June 8th

    Leith................June 13th - June 15th

    Newcastle........June 20th - June 22nd
  2. Shes coming back to barrow again? strange was the same dates alst year as well i think. As i was there as well.
  3. I wont doubt your word on that but this year it will be with the right crew as last year it was crewed by the Edinburgh's Ship Company as part of the Swap Ship Experiment (Exeter's Crew were in the Faklands )
  4. Yeah i know it was edinburgh crewing it. Funny dit. one of the edinburghs crew nearly drowned trying to swim from the floating night club back to the ship. Our ship had to launch sea boat to rescue him lol.
  5. Any Pompey natives wishing to pay their final respects to HMS Exeter might wander over to the Round Tower on Monday (4 Aug) in view of this article on the Portsmouth News website today (link):

  6. I remember watching, from my office window, EXETER berth in Pompey for the first time. She looked ever so pretty in her bright blue boot toppings.
  7. Saw Southampton on SRJ the other week. I knew they'd emptied the Dart etc, but what else was missing was shocking.

    Looked more like Juno than a nominally "operational" ship......
  8. They are doing the full Procedure Alpha bit tomorrow, but the paying off pennant will be only a standard size according to my son.
    Im now down here near Tiverton and cant get there so any pics of tomorrows events will be greatly appreciated.Cheers

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