HMS Exeter Returns

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nicks, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Back in Pompey tomoro after a couple of months down the Med.
    Be good to see the boy again and home for a while until they do a little UK tour in a couple of months,so they maybe coming to a Port near you !!
  2. For West Country natives, possibly the last opportunity to bid farewell to HMS Exeter before she decommissions when her ship's company exercises the right to march through the city of the same name tomorrow.

    Pompey News link.
    Exeter City Council link.
  3. Are the remaining 42's commanded by Lt Cdr's aswell ?.
  4. No. The difference is that HMS Exeter went into extended readiness with a much reduced ship's company on 30 July and is unlikely to sail again before she decommissions in May. I assume Lt Cdr Broadhurst is her Senior Officer. Detailed programme for tomorrow's march through the city of Exeter as follows (link) and it looks as though her last CO (Cdr Paul Brown) will be present:

  5. How sad I remember her when she was brand new with her lovely blue bottom. They still have the Boost Motor somewhere possibly Collingwood from the Argie Leer Jet she shot down in 82. Too old now but the DBs in their day.
  6. Had a good day down there today at The White Ensign Club in South Street Exeter,they even done plenty of tots for everyone who was in there,and as many as you could drink ( I was driving !!!!!!!!)

    So fair play to Exeter City Council for putting it all together and treating RN and Ex RN/RM People accordingly.
  7. I too was in Exeter today, and saw the festivities. Mrs PINCH and I were very impressed with it all.

    The Sea Cadets involved with the street lining look very smart and attentive.

    I too was driving so was unable to take part in the Tot.

    It was a pity that the event had not been publicized more widely I came across it by pure chance.

    And I am Glad I did.


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  8. I too remember her pretty blue boot tops. She might not stand up too well against the 1st Eleven anymore but she could still p**s on a Somalian pirate's chips.
  9. She was my one and only lady in my RN time. I'm sorely tempted to swim out into the solent when she's moored up awaiting disposal and (utilising a band of keen ex-exeterites) sail her off into the sunset.

    I spent some time with her off the Somali coast in 1994, we all watched from the flight deck BBQ as the septics fired at each other across the beach.

    Great days.

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