HMS Eskimo F119

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by tufty, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know the whereabouts of Fred Perry, Albert Arrowsmith and the rest of the greenies from HMS Eskimo 73/74?
  2. Joined Eskimo from Vernon as a j/s, onboard untiL " 77"best draft of my 18yrs. Cmndr Grosse was captain, met him in 84 when on Illustrious he was a Rear Admiral and I was a 3 badge A/B. Something went wrong somewhere.
  3. hi Terry Worrall here can you remember the greenie who went for a swim just off BERMUDA. Didn't get to know him well, but he still crops up in the old memory files from time to time
  4. Hi Terry, I realise it's ages since your post but I only dicovered this website today by complete accident! I can remember matey going for a swim but not his name. Wasn't he just a young lad?I thought he was a chef but perhaps I got that wrong. Are you still DJ ing and still a big rock and roll fan?
  5. I swap drafted from ESKIMO to BRISTOL - I truly hated ESKIMO. Bloody thing rolled in wet grass.
  6. :w00t:Hi Taff yep he was in the galley quite a bit due to defaulters, didn't do anymore DJ ing but started a rock and roll band in the mid 70s just after leaving the mob in. in the mid 80s started as an Elvis tribute and just starting to wind that down now (getting to old :sad7: ) Don't know where the years have gone.
  7. Nor me mate, flown by ain't it. Still get called an Elvis lookalike myself, not that I can sing worth a shit, never could! Left good old Eskimo in '75, went to RM Poole for me shore draft then to Tiger, the biggest bag of crap in Her Majesty's Fleet.Truly awful draft, great bunch of blokes though. Went through a rough time on the domestic front so left mob in '77 and been punching Artics round U.K. and Europe ever since. You'll no doubt remember my oppo Jed Stone, stiill keep in touch with him but I often wonder where the rest of the troops are and what they're up to.
  8. Goos Party - Hooks and Badges flying

    The greenie was a cook Blood Reid Geordie. I was the leading cook and you and Blood made up the watch. Can you remember. Do you keep in touch with Drapes
  9. Don't seem to have much luck finding the lads from the '72-'75 commission, I'd have thought there would have been more of them on here. Always kept in touch with Jed Stone and recently contacted Roger Hamblin (both MEM's), and Drapes through this forum,but no joy otherwise, were are they all?
  10. Try going on Facebook and typing HMS Eskimo, we are all there.
  11. Ted

    Ted Midshipman

    Or look at
  12. Thanks Ted, I'll give that one a go. I don't do faceache.

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