HMS Eskimo 1973 / 1974 west Indies


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I well remember the lad being lost at sea, some said at the time that he jumped some said he just fell. We'll probably never know what really happened.
Yep he was always in trouble for something .I know that he had mess funds in a few messes and was last seen swaying down the Burma way with a bottle of grog .Any one know Daisy Adams one of the cooks on board

George 74

Yes i new daisy adams spent most of my time on number 9 punishment washing the dishes handy for me cause i was in the midships messdeck
Do you remember me fezz parker I was on the 74,76 deployment , good days ,scrumpy lives near me hope to get together once more
scriv you really jolted my memory , so good to hear from you, have spoken to jed stone, Brian spriddle would like us to get together again, you always reminded me of Elvis!
Hello nobly it's fezz parker hope you remember me .I have fond memories of the eskimo and some of the runs ashore we had, scrumpy lives near me and see him now and again , hope you are well and hope to see you again
I want a a get together of stokers on the 74,76 deployment , where's the best venue for you lot give me some feed back . Next summer would be good


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I am not sure that Rum Ration is an ideal site to attract attention for a reunion of shipmates from 40 years ago(stand fast Taffscrivs) .I don't know if you do facebook but the chances of colliding with some old mates is better and there may even be an existing group for old Eskimos. If you've already done that and had no luck sorry for wasting your time.
Hi scr iv do you remember a stoker paul ( bungy) williams from the Birmingham area stocky bloke would like to track him down! Anybody know? he was on the 74 ,76 cruise


Hi all,
I was on Eskimo (F119) from 74-76. Excellent time, and fantastic SC. I also had the privilege of dressing as the Eskimo and standing on the bridge when we entered/left harbour. Not funny when you were in the WI I can tell you it got seriously hot!
Hi Rab. Pea Braine here - Eskimo was my first ship, a couple of months after joining we were off to the W.Indies.
I remember you got "Mobey Rash" and a broken tooth in Bermuda. I was just a nozzer (17yrs) at the time, so wasn't really a rabbit/run ashore buddy with most of you old farts............Had to find my own whore houses e.t.c.

Billy G

Hi guys,
Billy G the divers yeoman here, (ex RP2 and finally to CD after I quit the Eskimo in '77). My boss on the Eskimo was Slinger Woods out of the chief's mess. A grand man. I was also on the Eskimo when Blood Reid went missing overboard. He slept in the middle bunk in the RO mess just down from the ladder. (I had the top bunk). I remember there being a bit of a kerfuffle about the boat turning back as he hadn't been missed until morning at breakfast as the duty PO chef had got up late that morning.....I understand there was a bit of a drinking sesh the night before with all the chefs and stewards. I bought one of Blood's collars during the onboard auction of his kit for his family. He was a good lad.

Great ship, great runs ashore and great lads!!

I was one of the greenies on that windies trip. I remember Freds Broken neck, the funeral at sea. the after gulch boys. great times. It was my first ship and you lot were mine fred snoddys, brian back, and tich luckings mentors we didnt stand a chance.


Hi guys Can anyone remember the Dink (beware the Dink) Wally the cartoonist. Mind you that was 75-76 windies tour.Dink3.jpg
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