HMS Eskimo 1973 / 1974 west Indies

Hi Are there any of the old Greenies out there including the AGB's I am Looking for anyone who was on the 74 west indies trip but old pals, Fred Perry, Topsy Turner, Des Carrol, Bob Shepherd, JJ Sneddon, Albert Arrowsmith etc. i am in touch with George Ritchie so let me know if you are all still out there ????????????

Dave (RAB) Butler


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Rab: Welcome to Rum Ration! :thumbleft:

HMS Eskimo was a little before my time and some of those names are fairly common, as you can imagine. Have patience and hopefully someone will be along later today to help you.

Good luck!
Big Rab Butler

Just browsing a few old photos from back then, remember the one in the pool? I'm on the tiffy's (cant remember his name) shoulders and he's on yours. awesome memories. Probably missed so many reunions!!!!!!! doh

Taff John marles
Berwick was out there and was relieved by Minerva. One of the ships crests painted recently, on the wall also showed how many rates were "lost" during that deployment. Including Two Chiefs, Several killicks and an abundance of badges. Must have been one hell of a deployment.
Was Commodore Townsend SNOWI around then?
Was in digs with an RO in the late 70's that was on the Eskimo, he said that coming into certain ports they made him dress up as an Eskimo and stood him on the gun up the pointy end!
Hi Rab

Just found your post, i was on board on that trip, Martin "Nobby Clark" Stoker 1st Class, what a deployment that was. I remember Fred Perry, Albert Arrowsmith. How about i throw some names back at you. Steve Meredith, Nick "Scrumpy" Appleyard, Lawrie Lawrence, Brian "Sprids" Spriddle, Mick Vance, etc etc. Ive got some pictures from that trip with loads of faces i just cant put names to.
HI Rab, Cabbage Caroli ( Des) here. How u doing mate. Been looking for you for years.God how can I ever forget what we got up to. Im in touch occasionally with Oddball ( Ben metcalfe ), Bob Walters, George Ritchie.


hi all Terry Worrall here I was on Eskimo for the 74 run to West Indies I was cook and had a spot in the radio playing the old Rock N Roll. Probably one of the few who gave a helping hand to those who lost there rates.(sorry) If I remember the NAAFI manager lost his job too. more info if I can remember. Looking for old shipmates anyone know Drapes?
Hi Rab, is it the mini driver from Crew if so we spent some time it travelling north to Blackpool ect with Albert ,I also was demobbed same day as Fred and stopped at his place in Sheffield for a month. Remember the trip through "the big smoke" in the mini following the fast black and we had a belly full of Chatham beer as well. Mick Finlay
Hi troops, I was on THE Eskimo '74 Windies tour,MEM1 in those days. Great ship,great cruise, great bunch of blokes. She must of been one of the happiest ships in the Navy, I'd have signed on for 22 if I could have stayed onboard her.(Though I doubt their Lordships would have tolerated me for that long!).

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