HMS Endurance's Replacement To Be A Leased Icebreaker Named HMS Protector

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Stand_Still, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. A little bird tells me that Endurance is to be scrapped and her replacement will be an icebreaker to be named Protector, so the name lives on. Can't find a link to anything that confirms this but I'm sure Sol will do her usual brilliant job for us.
  2. Thanks Asst_Ed, bloody computers!
  3. Read an article on this last year but they hadnt decided on a suitable vessel to take. At least they have made moves now eh.

    Saw a repeat of the HMS Endurance programmes the other week. Was rather fascinaing
  4. A couple good friends of mine from home are on the Protector
  5. Hopefully Protector will have more endurance
  6. weyhey!! You comedian you ;-)
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  8. Will the Protector be fitted with any muskets, or will it remain as a scientific vessel?
  9. Wasn't the Endurance an ex Norwegian polar ship in the first place? If so, I hope this one is more Jack proof.
  10. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Endurance was Polar Circle. Its not a case of it being 'Jack-proof', moreso than it should not fall victim to idiotic ambition, IPT incompetence and neglect and crew-growth without any sustainability studies.

    Rest assured, once we've bought it and thrashed it to death by back-to-back deploying it through the tropics, stuck it through cheap refits in Falmouth where no-one gave a feck, expanded the ships company threefold, neglected to fully understand an upgrade path and obsolesence and tried to deploy it for 18 months on 2/3rds of a beleaguered crew who don't know anything about the equipment, then you can fully hope for another disaster and an enquiry that whitewashes the real villains of the piece, whilst fingering knackered matelots who have simply had enough of a gash ship.

    True dit. Polar Bjorn is a palace. Beautiful vessel with loads of potential. Watch it get fecked up.

  11. This is our first picture of her with RN ship's company aboard. The ship's currently on her way from Denmark, due in Pompey around 1pm on Monday.

  12. looks a nice big flight deck. Wheres the hangar?
  13. There isn't one. Yet...

    Also, having not seen this thread before, can I just say that Levers, that is a stonking post with which I fully concur - especially the bit about A&P's standards (I once nearly killed an A&P dockie down at Falmouth on the Endurance with a combination of sofa, underlit chart table and a cherry picker but that's a dit for another day!

    HMS Endurance - simultaneously the best and worst draft of my time....
  14. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Went aboard Protector today. She is, indeed, a wonderfully laid out vessel, with loads of potential. The shipbuilders have done very well transferring her to the Navy and should be commended, although she lacks organic helo support facilities which could hamper her performance in the ice somewhat. Inside, she is functional and clean, and the ships company is at a manageable level. It's hoped that ambitions stay within the limitations and 'authorities' don't get any big ideas which they can't effectively fulfil, given it isn't they who spend weeks in one of the most inhospitable and demanding environments on this planet. I really hope that the support network gets to grips with the sustainability issues and there is an effective drive toward enabling the ships company to counter mishaps, not forgetting both previous Endurances suffered similar fates which effectively ended their careers. Losing three ships would be unforgivable.

    Also heard a rumour today that the option to salvage and rebuild the old Red Plum is still on the table. It is a given the hull is in good shape and regeneration, although costly, could be a cheaper option than completely converting Protector.


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