HMS Endurance

Lost track of what happened to her and because the series Ice Patrol came up again on the Discovery channel I thought I'd ask again.
It seems it was lack of training by the crew according to reports,coupling the air hose up wrongly to gain fresh water.
I never heard of that in the Navy News or other papers,was it hushed,will their be a replacement,will it be repaired with British engines?just asking as there seems nothing current going around.


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I never heard of that in the Navy News or other papers,was it hushed,
Er, hardly.

coupling the air hose up wrongly to gain fresh water.
The executive summary didn't quite put it like that. :roll:

The BOI report in full (although no names or cap tallies) was released to the public domain on the same day it was released to the Service. Linked and discussed at length on Rum Ration.

Endurance BOI Thread

will their be a replacement,
SDSR, page 21 sheds some light.
Having read the report in full and not wishing to go over old ground could this happen again or have lessons been learned and implemented?
I don't want to over old ground and I have commented on the failure[according to my golf partner a 40 year serving Merchant Captain},that we never replaced the engines with British ones as we should have,I had since forgot all about it the episode.
When it came on the Discovery Channel last week, I wondered what the script was re.the ship.
Googling it,It said it was down to faulty training of crew.
I was a GA2 and,apart from the MTB's I've never been down an engine room in my service.
I tend to agree with the Captain that the magnificent efforts of the crew saved the ship,I just wondered if we were going to repair her or replace her.
Nothing more to my question than that.
Come on now......Why would you need an RN presence down there?...It's not as if the 'Argies' were rattling their cutlery again, or oil exploration was on-going...would it?

No one smart enough in power here to get out of their bunker and see what's happening up here/down there?

Seems the slogan these days by those in power (any political brand) is 'Every man for Himself' F**k You Jack!


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chaffed_and_tender said:
80% fcuk up, 10% bad design, and 10% bad luck.
And 100% wrong on your part, I'm afraid.

The BOI was full of shit, and slapped the wrong arses. Information given in is not necessarily going to turn into information coming out, especially where past lessons and warnings about certain items were concerned. Suffice to say, without breaking too much cover here, the general perception on here follows the lead given by the Inquiry, and some know otherwise. Matelots should always retain their healthy cynicism when it comes to items like this coming from 'official' sources, especially where it comes to naming CPO A and LH B, for example. Notice, nothing was mentioned about other interested parties, many miles away?

Replacement? Watch this space. Not at liberty to say at the moment.


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