HMS Endurance without main power

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Richie, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Maybe they could, go to Puenta Arenas/Tierra del Fuego??? for a SMP and pick up the shell of the Sea King ,that we left their in 82 :whew:
  2. Been there done that, only it was the Happy 'H' and it was in the bay!
  3. I seem to remember one of her predecesors coming home and rigging jury sails to get extra speed to make it before Chistmas
  4. The penultimate red plum had the most unusual two stroke diesel main engine, and no reverse gearbox. To go astern the engines were stopped, the valve system changed, and then she was re-started with the whole engine rotating the other way. The re-starts were done using compressed air, and she only had enough air pressure for five changes of direction (in a short time) before running out.

    Concentrated the mind a bit...
  5. Surely this sort of thing is against the ship's company's human rights and should never have been allowed to happen? If the heating packs up as well, they'll even have the Elf & Safety people after them. I hope another fleet unit arrives on the scene soon or will the RN have the ignominy of relying on a foreign naval vessel or, even worse, a passing cruise liner for help?
  6. Saw a press release on the RN's Community website this morning about the Endurance. All it said is at about 7pm last night the Endurance sent out a distress signal - She'd lost all Power and propulsion and was on Stand-by Generators, with a stonking flood in her Engine Room. Good job from the Ships Company for not letting her go down to the bottom of the Deep Blue. ^_^;
  7. Frozen, but not stirred
  8. Can't you jury- rig the lads iPods to the main engines?
  9. ..some of the RFA dry goods ships of the 60's/70's had a similar set up, only they were Cathedral engines.
  10. Ocean is like that.
    No reversing G/B
  11. Astern or reverse that is the question?
  12. No its not though is it.
    A reversing gearbox makes the ship go astern.
    No such thing as an "asterning gearbox".
  13. Diving now, diving now. 90 feet and back to PD.
  14. Saw a press release on the RN's Community website this morning about the Endurance. All it said is at about 7pm last night the Endurance sent out a distress signal

    Bloody typical, just as scran was about to start! I bet the WAFU's still queued up though!
  15. Don't recollect ever hearing the Old Man, Vasco or OOW ever giving the order slap her in reverse.
  16. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Your memory serves you correctly. The ship goes astern by reversing the gearbox. Unless you are in a GT ship when you reverse the pitch on the screws.

    Bottom line - Ships go astern, gearboxes don't.
  17. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Only on ships fitted with CPP. Carrier gearing has reversing capabilities, i.e. the shaft stops, then goes astern. With that in mind, the main wheel on a carrier goes astern as do some of the ancilliary gearing with it, so naval gearing in one direction isn't limited to unidirectional movement.

    Endurance has CPP and a unidirectional shaft, powered by 2 Bergen BRG8 diesel generators/shaft propulsors. Interesting to note on PRRUNE that they are mentioning that she is now listing at 30 degrees and her lynx has been flown off to Chile. When you consider Endurance has extensive ballasting arrangements and 1200 ton of fuel to shift about, it's difficult to see how she can list at such an angle (which would push her well beyond her stability criteria). Nice one, crabfats.

    She also has two Lynx, not one.


  18. For those interested

    Ten rescued after flooding on board HMS Endurance

    Published Date: 17 December 2008
    HMS Endurance was stranded in the Antarctic this morning after a power failure.
    The Portsmouth-based ship was left without main power and propulsion after a flood in the engine room.

    Ten passengers, who were members of a British film crew aboard Endurance were rescued last night.

    They were taken off the ship by a Chilean Navy puma helicopter as a precaution, the MoD said,

    They were transferred to the nearby Felix navy lighthouse while a Chilean navy tugboat and a helicopter headed to help the HMS Endurance.

    One minor injury was reported.

    The Chilean tugboat Pudu was preparing to tow the Endurance to Punta Arenas, Chile's southernmost city if necessary.

    Endurance lost engine power at the eastern mouth of the straits of Magellan.

    An MoD spokesman said: 'The flooding has now been contained and the ship is currently being held in safe water by her anchor in the Strait of Magellan.

    'Our top priority is the safety of those onboard. Royal Navy personnel are highly trained in emergency incidents and are well equipped to deal with the situation.'

    Next of kin were being informed of the situation, the MoD added, and a helpline was set up for concerned relatives.

    The number is 08457 800 900.
    * Last Updated: 17 December 2008 8:29 AM
    * Source: The News
    * Location: Portsmouth

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