HMS Endurance Update

Does anyone know what the current situation is?

I know that the government were looking at various options including leasing but it's gone very quiet.

It doesn't really send out the right message leaving her tied up alongside.


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Are you in a special interest group for Endurance PB? The message is; Defence is Harry Skinters, there is General Election and SDR 2010 coming up. I expect that there is insufficient money and / or certainty to make a decision on if and when a replacement is built/ leased or the current one repaired.

The South Africans are getting something new and shiny
. A COTS vessel would be one way to replace Endurance, design work done, first of class snags sorted, no need to have it built in the UK (no capacity anyway). The UK needs a bengin naval presence in the Antarctic. Repair a 20 year old ship or buy a new one for twice the cost?

Just thinking out loud.
I think you are right about it getting forgotten about.

It could be added to what was the MARS program and constructed abroad. It would make sense.

Or perhaps lease a civilian one?


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Sounds a sound idea!

I one day would absolutely of loved to be drafted to Endurance or her successor. Chances of that were low at the time, now without an APS they are, for now, zero. :-(

She was the first ship I could spot in a picture cos she iz red innit?

Edit: Oh and fluffy WTF :?: (your avatar) haha!


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She is still sat in 3 basin. I wouldn't expect too much out of this goverment regarding a commitment toward the Antarctic Patrol Vessel. They've sent Scott ... if she proves to be a success then expect Whitehall to license some kind of rota reagrding it loitering in the southern oceans. Don't expect any administration - Tory, Labour or Liberal to suddenly announce they are dipping into their pockets to fund the £30 million plus shrapnel it will take to get Endurance back to sea. She was a mess before the accident and is a mess now, thanks to neglect, smoke and mirrors. The ship was painstakingly drained and preserved by the crew (before they were taken off) and it has sat rusting ever since, it's engines stripped and neglected, the flooded decks cleared out but left to get in a terrible state. No fault of the skeleton crew left behind - there are only a couple there just shipkeeping and they can’t be expected to keep a 7000 tonne vessel preserved for years.
In my opinion, the review will scrap Endurance, shamefully, and the incoming administration will be fat and smug in the knowledge that no one gives a feck enough to take them to task about it.
Oh, and in other news, the unfortunate few who were looking like they were going to take the rap for years of other people’s idiocy, mismanagement, ambivalence, over-ambition and general ‘la-la-la-I’m-not-listening-to-you’ have been admonished, as if they had anything to answer for. The crew saved that ship, bravely and with outstanding commendable courage. Others who have contributed to Endurance’s demise should hang their heads in shame and think themselves lucky.


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