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I am going to the RNR Open Day at HMS Prez, but would like some initial ideas of what to expect.

Firstly, if I get in, I simply wouldn't be allowed the time off to do the 2 week training (used most hol up!), which I am assuming is a pretty big issue and secondly, what do people there actually do on drill nights? I don't quite understand what people there do. Also, will it be possible to aply as an Officer in the first instance?

Also, I have some eligibility questions- I am slightly short sighted (-2.0), so wondered what issues that would cause in regards to applying and secondly the fitness requirements aren't too clear- anyone can run 2.4km, but the question is how long are we allowed to do it!


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Even if you fill out all your paperwork now and sort all tour shit out, you definitely won't be doing your 2 weeks at Raleigh (or Dartmouth) until after April next year, by which time your leave will have presumably reset.

The RNR are so **** at processing paperwork that it'll be between 4 months and a year before you're in rig, then about 6 months from then until your first two weeks away.

Evenings are made up of lectures, sport and other general bits of training that can be conducted indoors.

2.4km run needs to be done in just over 11 mins (you get a bit longer if you're older and you get years to do it if you own a pair of tits).
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2DD not sure where you facts are from, but currently it is taking about 8-12 weeks from first visit to attesting. It may take longer occasionally but the recruiters are doing a great job.

The key question is whether the individual can or cannot do 2 weeks a year. If they cannot the reserve forces are probably not viable.


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President seem to have a general attitude of aspiring officers undertaking recruit training and Raleigh before going forward to AIB. This is not the case in all instances but it does seem to be a default, and produce officer cadets who are reasonably well grounded.

Horatio - before you go to Raleigh for your two weeks you now have to undertake NMT100, a 1 week course at Raleigh teaching weapons handling. So if you are short on holiday, but have a week left still before the next holiday year you might still be capable of achieving that training.

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