HMS Egret - First Sinking by Luftwaffe Guided Weapon - 27 August 1943

The first vessel ever to have been sunk by a guided air-launched weapon was HMS Egret in the Bay of Biscay 1943, some 38 miles off Vigo.

198 crew, including 4 RAF signallers, were killed that day.

Spirit of Remembrance have now managed to arrange funding to ensure that a 97 year old widow of one of the crew, together with her family, are making a visit to the location of the sinking between 25-30 August

Looks like an interesting and very poignant tour. I believe there are still spaces available.

Details are at: HMS Egret WW2 Commemoration Tour

I'm not organising it - Spirit of Remembrance are - but I work with them in my spare time trying to promote the use of Veterans and War Widows' grants (probably the best kept secret in the MoD).

Why ?



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A lot come on here making a single post spamming or advertising their wares, such people who do it without the Owners permission are usually given short shift. So its best to be honest from the start
Nope. I'm here for the duration. I'm no salesman ! I'm an Editor by trade. Just seems a remarkable story; the anniversary of the first successful use of an air-launched weapon against a warship, the upcoming anniversary, a 97 year old widow laying more than one wreath at the wreck site (the first ever commemoration on site I believe and there's a wreath coming from a Daughter of a survivor in America) and the Admiralty have been extremely generous in their support.

I do, however, have rather a bee in my bonnet over the lack of knowledge about Veterans and Widow's war grants. There's a huge pot of money, tucked away partly by the MoD, for those entitled to make a single visit for remembrance (particularly for those that died prior to 1967) - and time is ticking for veterans. I want people to make use of the funds and keep memories & history alive.


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I wish that I had known about these grants when we did the Memorial for Submarine Sidon in 2005 (details on my signature block), there were people attending from all over the world, both survivours and those who had lost loved ones, all I could do was to tell them that we (Dorset branch of the Submariners Association) had no funds to cover travelling or hotel costs.

Some I know struggled to get to Portland, whats disappointing is that it was a widely advertised event and no one came forward with any information about grants
Janner -

Now that is a crying shame; see what I mean about MoD Secrets ? I was only ever a TA Reserve Officer, but as you've probably realised, I feel rather passionately about support for veterans.

Well it might appear like blatant commercialism on my part, but it's not. The MD of Spirit of Remembrance used to work for RBL and knows the intricate workings of the various grant schemes inside out and I too want people to make use of the available money. Veterans have earned it.

There's currently a scheme called Heroes Return 2, which is funded by the Big Lottery fund. They've extended their application period for grants until the end of Dec 2012. These grants entitle veterans to visit (once only), battlefields, locations etc worldwide where they served to pay their respects to fallen comrades. And this might interest you: it can also cover the cost of travel to a UK location for a remembrance ceremony. Although they do European Battlefield tours, all of Spirit's team and Guides tend to prefer Association and Family groups. It's more personal and fulfilling.

We were at a military event last weekend; I met some of the most wonderful and fascinating veterans. History is usually WRITTEN by the winning side; but REAL history is TOLD by those who made it happen.

Rant over. If you're interested in making use of a grant application, I know the expert team to assist. Just bear in mind the time limit on the application. And please enquire with me if you have any War Widows/Widowers in the Association that haven't made use of the MoD Grant.

Just a thought.
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