HMS Edinburgh....Dirty boy

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by sadindiefreak, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. The lads from HMS Edinburgh stopped of in RAF Akrotiri as they transited through returning from the Gulf somewhere.
    Tonight they were confined to camp after the events of the previous night when one of the sailors couldn't help himself when alone with another man.
    He decided to "pleasure himself" in the back of a taxi as he was returning from his evening out.
    The taxi driver was going mental at the main gate of Akrotiri last night.
    Does anyone know who this guy was.
    Its one of the funniest things to happen at Akrotiri.
  2. I blame the taxi driver. I believe he said "You like my country? Then please come again" :w00t:
  3. That's surely the sort of thing we don't need on here in the public domain!

    If that appears (by magic) in the paper in the near future, there will be yet another public scandal focussed on the RN. There may have been a small chance that this could have been smoothed out by the ship locally, without involving the authorities. NOt if it gets into the press though.

    Think before you post this stuff you moron!
  4. No good sweeping the crap under the carpet, sooner or later it escapes. Now if it happened then it will get into the papers, if it didn't it won't. What do you propose, slap a D notice on the incident?
  5. It's one thing to say it will get out in the end. It is another thing entirely to put it out there in the first place. This thread is just irresponsible, especially due to the recent nature of the (alleged) incident.

  6. Hahahahahaha!

    what a ******!

    Grubber, what Victorian planet are you on? Just you wait until SPB arrives and tells you where you are going wrong. Don't you know it's every man's right to have a chug where he so decides these day's? It's obvious to me that you are just a dinosaur.

    Take a PC reprimand!

    (edited because I have sausages where my fingers once were)
  7. Its hardly the kind of thing to cause a public scandle.
    One pissed up guy in a taxi.

    Are you worried about them finding out it was you Grubber?
  8. So chaps and chappesses, lets turn this into a game.

    Where is the most embarrassing place to be caught having a tug? :w00t:

    My mate who is an admiral confiding in me that he had been caught having a tug by his mum. I said no problem most of us get caught out sometime by out mum. He blushed and said, yes but this was last week. :thumright:
  9. No I just think you need to grow up and consider the consequences of your actions fella. The papers love bashing the Armed forces at the moment and this is just the ammo they need. "Sailor displays lewd, inappropraite behaviour in foreign country". Yeah, why would they be interested in that? Fool.
  10. After weeks of unintersting postings the Quarterdeck has got a scoop. Whopee run with it :w00t:

    Edited to add:
    Wind your neck in Grubber, The moderation on this site has improved beyond all recognition in the last six months or so. If it needs moderating it will be done by those entitled to do it. :threaten:
  11. Hmmm, that would have to be up the escape route from the AAMR on a type 42......... long story, embarrassing moment and I didn't live it down for the whole of my draft.
  12. The site is moderated for good reason.

    Because it can have a significant impact upon the lives of those STILL SERVING. I won't wind my neck in for you or anybody else. This alleged incident is probably subject to an ongoing investigation by the ship and should not be commented upon whilst that is still the case. :tp:
  13. How does the original poster know this? Is he on the ship? is he in Cyprus? No link no story is there?

    Grubber are you saying that if i made a tale up on here that the press would grab it and print it as true? FFS get a grip.
  14. Yes! Grubber makes a good point. It's happened before, it's a well known fact that the scum trawl this board you tit. Funny how some posters aren't as outraged by this lads behaviour as they were with a private party from a CVS earlier this year. Fcuking fickle old *******.
  15. Since when Has a story about someone pulling his plonker become newspaper material. It would be laughed off the pages of the paper, Taking it from me any journo putting this story accross the editors desk could expect it to be SPICKED.

    No one is interested in a sailors wanking and if they are then they should go and see the doctor NOW
  16. Will buy the SUNDAY SPORT later to find out the true story.
  17. So Grubber, if we aren't allowed to discuss "Alleged" incidents, are we allowed to discuss actual incidents?
    (be they swept under the carpet or otherwise)

    I hear Stavanger is a "****" night out!
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hearsay as the clock chimes 9.

    Who gives a feck what the press think or print. As "WE" are always reminded, we are a reflection on society. (CRAP)

    HANG ON,,,,if some tosser, rubs his bobbie in the back of a taxis, hes either pissed or a sex pest, who knows, let the turth come out.
  19. Never thought such a mundane thing as a J Arthur could generate such feelings - now in my day, blah blah blah...........................get overit FFS.
  20. Nothing as yet in the local Cypriot papers, nor on the radio/tv news. (fingers crossed it stays that way.)

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