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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Davem1379, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi, just got my first draft. Got Hms Edinburgh which is going on a Caribbean deployment in May for 6 months. I was wondering where this deployment will take me. what Countries do we go? And what kit do i need to take onboard with me..
  2. Let me see, Carribean!!

    Winter woolies and Muc-Lucs!!!!
  3. Congrats you have dipped in big time.

    You will probably go to Barbados, St Lucia and possibly Puerto Rico.

    Bring shorts and a towel.

    If you've never dived before have a try dive in Carlisle bay in Barbados. It's awesome for beginners as there are about 5 decent wrecks that are very shallow. The duty watch bar is Harbour Lights, Carlisle bay also has some top beach bars etc. Have a tour of the Mount Gay Rum distillery if you get the chance.

    St Lucia is nice but it's more of a honeymoon destination, so less chance of trapping an Essex slag on holiday. There is a KFC outside the dockyard which is always a winner. They have a big street market in the evening which is worth a look, don't eat any of the scran on offer unless you fancy losing a few stone through your arse. If you can blag your way into the yacht club there is a chance to trap some posh birds and you get the occasional high class hooker in there.

    Puerto Rico was the site of the best brothel on Earth, the Black Angus bar, but some fcukers burned it down. If they have rebuilt it you have to go. Also have a tour of the Bacardi factory, bottles of 151 cost about $4US. Otherwise it's a bit of a dump. There is a Hard Rock Cafe which is pretty cool.

    If you rent a jet ski anywhere, be careful you don't smash it up, as the rental guys on the beach will close ranks and bum rape you until you buy them a new and much more expensive jet ski.
  4. I know a few people on there. Not sure what ship is like though. Enjoy the draft.
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Your Longcast (available from your DepCo) has all the details you need. Go speak to him, probably better via your Div SR or DO and remember the details of the trip are OPSEC related! (as just shouted out by your new XO)

    Enjoy the trip as 2DD says; try diving or anything else rather than just pi$$ it up, its not often you get to some of these fantastic places (Anguila, Tortola, Grand Turk etc....) make the most of it.

    Get in with some of the old lags too, such as your CPO(AWT), they've been about and will give you lots of good gen!

  6. cheers for replies.
  7. Have a look at what HMS Manchester has been up to.
    They were in Cuba at the end of last month and helping St. Lucia at the beginning of November.

    Me thinks you'll be in the APT(N) role.
  8. Just take civvies mate. If anyone of any importance asks you to muster or work, just put on your best West Indian accent and say"Chill maaaan", or words to that effect.

    Report to Rumrat for pre-deployment linguistics briefing.
  9. Just 2 sets of ovvies should be enough mate nothing else. And dont forget your dhoby bats. Dont worry about your No.1s either. If you aint got them you cant get stitched for anything.

    Craim the rest of your locker with civvies and cheap booze you buy on the way.

    Everyones a winner then.

    Oh and dont forget your rigging set.
  10. And a fine selection of Frankie Vaughan!
  11. And just hope they don't have one of those 3 months at sea deployments as a psychological exercise. 8)
  12. .... and thus shouldn't be posted on public internet forums.
  13. I know 3 people just been drafted to this ship, on there first deployment they seem to know everywhere there going.
  14. I knew loads of people who were drafted to this ship, probably left by now though...

    I was on a ship once as well....

    I left it a while ago though...

    I was in the Navy too....

    I left that a while ago as well...

    Hope this helps.

    Someone kill me.
  15. I know it dosnt. Just wondering why the people i know, know where there going but dave does not.
  16. He should get longcast with joining letter.
  17. ... and if he doesn't he shouldn't be afraid to ask for one - should be a standard enclose with every joining letter.

    When he receives it, he should also note that it will have the ship's programme on it, but not the ship's name (iaw current Fleet Security guidance). This is so that if lost in the post, left in the pub, or copied and pasted to Rum Ration or wiki-leaks, it still wont publicise which ship is going where.
  18. Is there still a travel office on each base? If so you can get every single ship's longcast in the fleet from there.
  19. Never, ever got either on any of my 5 ship drafts. First sea draft was to Illustrious which was in Guzz - a day after we had arrived down there to join her. Taxi driver at the train station knew that she was due in a day later than the official info the Regs had supplied us.

    Hope things are more organised now that the fleet\flotilla is smaller ...
  20. Edited by SPB, for OPSEC - subsequent comments by Tommo and Ballistic deleted accordingly...

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