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Hi, I am trying to find out as much about my great uncle as possible. He served on the Eagle from 1951 to 53 and my dad says he had a Bluenose cert. Could anyone be able to tell me if this was from the Eagle. When it happened where , basically any information would be greatly appreciated. He is in this photo on back row second in from the right.Thanks


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If he was flight deck crew then he was most probably an Aircraft Handler.
51 to 53 is more than a decade before I joined however on tother site (ROMFT) there are two old & bold ex aircraft handlers Higs & Rapsheet who may just have known your uncle.
Suggest you try there


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Well I've just come from there and it looks like you are now registered.
Put the same post on there as you have done on here and I'm sure that someone will get back to you.
Aircraft handlers were a tight knit bunch of reprobates.

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