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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Oct 13, 2013.

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  1. Have to watch this later, good find Scouse.
  2. Nice to see a time when we had more naval projection although I do wonder how everyone got along in those days, what with it being so grainy all the time. I do rather think they could have done a better job of finding a spokesman for the RN and the FAA than the Lt we're introduced to at the 2 minute mark :scratch:
  3. Lt Norman Marsh an FDO...apparently:pirate:
  4. Ah, well that explains a lot :iconbiggrin:
  5. Norman"Darkie"Marsh was the first Lt. to speak. The two minute Lt. was a Buccaneer pilot. Darkie was FDO4.
    He was my PO AH for Pt 2 Training when I joined up 62.
  6. Think the buccaneer pilot was the SP of 800 squadron
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  7. I was referring to the Lt. With big lugs. Scouse....... Lol
  8. yes ,I was referring to the interview after the first one with the FDO 4 LT Marsh to the other one ..... Pilot of the buccaneer SP LT CDR JDBH Howard
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  9. Yes, enjoyed that, some choice phrases in the commentary, all seems a long time ago.
  10. VERY good find!
  11. That takes me back scouse a brilliant find, next stop the China Fleet Club for a few starters then on to the Wanch. :)

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