HMS Eagle.

Seeing the bullshit involved makes me glad that my biggest sea going draft was a Frigate.

@janner, I for one found Eagle quite useful for some emergency dentistry at Torbay during the Fleet Review circa 1970.

Re: That 'Warship Eagle' Youtube fillum - I had to chuckle when I saw that the Eagle's skipper ATT was that famous WW2 S/M CO - 'Foxy Roxy' (later FOSM 1969–1972).

After a memorable Mess Dinner (as honoured guest at Blockhouse) he patiently withstood a severe ear-bashing/chest-prodding sesh from my 4'11" SWMBO over a late & particularly disruptive boat's programme change...

(Nothing was ever said afterwards but, on reflection, our cards must have been well-marked - For the next 12 years were 'enjoyed' at various non-preference Faslane appointments. :eek: Mmmm... )


Another world! I was in Singapore at the time, my late Dad was on the staff of COMAF. I disgraced myself on Ark Royal by asking for the bill after lunching aboard...


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I stayed up far too late last night watching this video, which then led to the Warship video of the GR9 Harriers aboard Lusty. FAR too late!!

I have to say I was amused by the disgraceful behaviour in the Wardroom and just glad that we were able to continue in the same tradition :)


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I was on during the filming of this.
Charlie Squires the producer bought a can of tiger for everyone onboard (don't suppose he paid for it himself though).


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Remember back in the day when at each cinema showing the services all alternated annually and had a PR film shown ?

we made a pukka film on the Achilles (1982) - we played the part of (I think) HMS Fife who had received the Gillette Sword of Peace ? for their work in the Dominican Republic after a hurricane decimated the place

Filmed in Antigua at Nelson's Harbour, which then was run down and looked like it had been hit by a hurricane (bit different now)

Constantly took the piss and wound up the film crew - all luvvies living in the wardroom - but good laugh, lots of free beer

Was released with Cannonball Run and we got to go to the premier at Leicester Square, red carpet and all.............and a free bar....................til we drunk it all..................................memories

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