Hms Eagle 69

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Seaweed

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    The Twilight of the Gods.
  2. I'm sure all those who served on the Eagle will enjoy that scouse, my memories of that ship were all from the comic Eagle, however did play a part in my becoming a handler. Its a ship that never really captured the imagination like the Ark, Vic, Albion, Bulwark did, nonetheless a true carrier and took its place in our hearts, well remembered by those who sailed in her, as well as her squadrons who flew from her.
  3. While I am a "fan" of the Ark Royal, I rather like the name, "Eagle" for a warship. Speaking of warship. Have any of you watched the video of a documentary called, "Warship"? I believe it was made around 66-67 while the Eagle was transiting from Aden to Singapore to relieve the Ark Royal in Singapore as the carrier deployed to Asian waters. Very good depiction of life aboard a CV during this time period, and is in some ways superior to the "Sailor" series made 10 years later. In any even the Eagle was quite a ship!
  4. - Warship Eagle 1966 Part 1 of 3 Documentary. - Warship Eagle 1966 Documentary Part 2 of 3. - Warship Eagle 1966 Documentary Part 3 of 3. Ps notice Pontious and his wardroom pals in High Spirits lol :rofl:
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  5. I also noticed that the guy leading the PT in the beginning of the movie is also in an Admiralty movie about the recruiting and training of RN officers. I was a little put off by guys drawing their milk for cereal out of what appears to be a big trash can though...And, the preoccupation of officers using easels to read while eating...We never had enough time to read at meals in the USN!
  6. The original series of warship was filmed and screened between 1973/1977.
    The trash cans are called milk churns and have been used in the uk since the year dot.
    Sailor was filmed aboard Ark Royal in 1976.
    Whatever you were watching in 1969 will remain a mystery unless you can offer an explination.
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  8. I was in Eagle (800 Sdn) when Warship Eagle was made. Director was a big fat Bstrd name of Charlie Squires, however he did issue everyone on board with a FREE Tinny when filming was finished:muhaha:
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  13. Scouse 800 Sqdn had Mk2 Bucks on Eagle in 1966/7
    We returned from the far East, went on leave and when we returned to Lossiemouth behold some bstrd had waved a magic wand and turned all our Mk1s into Mk2s.
    Remember it well, especially guys like Charlie Bick (wonder if he is polishing his buccs still)
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  14. Yep same think happened on the Vic 65/67 when I was Ships company.. 801 had MK1s then if by magic they were MK2s lol
  15. I reckon old Charlie must have worked his leave converting them!:nike:
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  16. well he had been known to sleep in the bomb bay!!!! Hope he slept with the safety pin under his pillow:whew:
  17. If there was an answer in there anywhere do us a favour and point it out.
    I kinda feel like I'm intruding when you two start talking to each other, its like listening in on a party line.
    Confused even more, and now embarrassed of Tamworth.
  18. :nike:can't help you out with any more clues old lad!! I'm of to Haydock park tommorrow and need to give my time form book my undivided attention :biggrin: For the hidden form clues lol

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