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Just a question, there was always a story that Dryad's land was owned by an older lady and that the RN's lease had run out. Is this true? Or was it a better judgement call to have Dryad mixed in with Collingwood?

Just a question as I saw this thread here.


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DRYAD's land was purchased in toto, the only provision being that the family had first dibs on any subsequent sale by the MOD. When the establishments combined, COLL had room for DRYAD (plus expanded version inc new sims etc) whilst DRYAD did not have room for COLL. Could have used the golf course though......
So what is Dryad now ??? left there in 00 and i know it has been closed, but they had just finished brand new accomodation blocks right down the bottom for junior rates, seems like it was a total waste of money to build them


Final elements from Dryad will move to CWD early next year, (dependent on DII installation). IIRC Dryad may well be turned over to MOD/CIV Police.
I've just spent a week at DRYAD (or MoD Southwick Park as it is called now) and it is now the Defence College of Policing and Administration. They train the Royal Military Police there, and the RAF Police, and the new MPGS gate guards, so it's heaving with redcaps, snowdrops and those bootie-impersonators. No sign of Reggies though, but I'm sure they're there somewhere.

Only 2 naval bits there are the Maritime Warfare Centre, housed in the renamed "Dryad Building" - formerly the end of Oliver Block (the rest is "Overlord Building" - and the Cook simulators. MWC moves to COLLINGRAD next year (which is a shame, as they are brilliant, and everything that COLLINGWOOD touches turns to rubbish) but Cook will soldier on for years as they keeping cutting the funding for its replacement.

That said, its nice to see the place being used - the Wardroom is as impressive as ever and all the new accom blocks are in full use. Only weird thing is that the Army have built a huge new chapel as the old one wasn't big enough apparently, and that the WOs and SNCO's mess do single service lunchtimes! It seems the pongoes and crabs don't like each other, and Jack has to eat 1145 - 1200 only.... very odd.


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We ARE there, but we sit in the shadows, waiting to pounce... :lol:

I've heard that the Defence College of Police & Guarding (!!) is only a temporary set up, and may move again in the next few years to a more central location. Watch this space...


I remember tampax towers, the Bop, the crapy NAAAFI, girl near the gate who had a caravan that belted out the best scran ever.....she would serve with her husband and it was boss. Can't remember her name but she was boss.
The Scran Caravan was called "Dot's", after its owner. I paid a recent visit to Southwick Park, and it was clear that very little money has been spent on the place as the decor and furniture remains unchanged since it was DRYAD. My first job was in SMOPs and I loved it - like working in a big country club!


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Dryad, sorry Southwick Park, was due to close again as part of Metrix's bid for Package 2 (DTR). But MOD have now seen sense and scrapped P2.

So it lives on!