HMS Dryad - remember the good times?


Was at Dryad in 85-6 in Training Support Dept.

Only 'personality' I remember was a POGI who had retired before the Falklands and had been brought recalled. I phoned to speak to one of his blokes about deck-hockey or something and heard "OI SMUDGE!! It's your snogging oppo on the phone" I wasn't but blushed bright enough to heat the main admin building for a fortnight (I'd gone to an all girls' school before I joined up)


The POGI would have been Don Jacobs,the guy was a star.I worked for him for a few months in 82,waiting for my first sea draft(the ship i was joining was down south).


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Dots was great. Roll and sausage with Tabasco sauce, strong tea with 2 sugars, heaven!! Remember JS, he wouldn't let me and one of the CPO(M)s do a "Ain't half hot Mum routine" at end of term divisions!! Was removed from the Passive sonar trainer for giving another member of my course too much info on her track!! Great fun!!


i was at dryad around '84 we were on course when the Brighton bomb went off, we had to do patrols all around the base.

there were romours of wrens and ratings on patrol keeping warm in the woods. god knows what the IRA would have done if they had attacked LOL

dots was superb.. you could nip along read the paper and wait for your egg and sausage bun.
I thought JS was alright. Bit of a shouty fcuker but that's no bad thing he was a character. Loved Dryad bop, easy traps and cheap Hoffmeister. Follow the bear.......


Joined Dryad in 62 bad winter ,remmeber doing perimmiter patrol in 12 ins of snow in a great coat made for a 6 foot 3 badgeman and me only a 5 foot jnr/sea straight out of Vincent also skating on the ice of the lake in the same year


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Back in '85 whilst waiting for my SNONI draft I was on the gate by the officers' married patch. I could never understand why we had to be there when anyone could just walk through into the base from the ratings patch.

Day time watch keeping on that gate - eventually got bored with all the time off - bizarre when you look back.

Am I the only ex matelot who never sha66ed a wren then? I feel left out


I was in Dryad in about 2000 then again in 03. Dots diner was awesome for a hangover. Great days and when I wasn`t on course I worked in the CT Store with an old bloke called Dave Stevens the guy was a legend he was my sea daddy before I even went to sea. Mad as a bag of spanners though. The only downer working there was working for a warrant officer called John Snodden he was a bit of a nob. I once spilt coffee all over one of his Warrant officer buddies I was gutted cos I was aiming for snodden.
I remember WO Snoddon trooped me for telling him to go #@$% himself!! I spent many hours on number 9 punishment brasso iand cloth in hand... happy days

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