HMS Dryad - remember the good times?


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What gym? thought the place was for training radar and navigation not poncing around pretending to be bloody clubswingers!

Ok so the baby sailors ran down to the 'lake' every morning before breakfast - wearn't too strict tho (wasn't till I went back for two's course I found out were the bloody lake was!)
ah, I have many a fond memory of Dryad. I was there first in the early 90's. Tampax towers, should have been condemed years ago - hated the place, the accomodation PO Wren was a balding (yes she was female!) crusty old non-sea goer. Anyone else remember the D-day bar, that dreadful coffee bar run by the Bish I think, with stinky old sofas, pool tables and WW2 memorabelia. Was always busy as hell at the time as there were loads of us girlies wating, having finished our training, for ships to come out of refit (fitted with a sanitary bin - the only noticable change I could see having been put in place to accomodate girls) so we could go to sea.
Dots, great place for a hangover egg and bacon sandwich, can't believe it's still there. Why is it the gym always had a rep for tales of carnal knowledge between ratings... also reminds me of the Raleigh SARC scandal of the same era!!
Was in Flint block when i first joined Dryad, and i swear there was a crack running from roof to ground at the very end of it running down my mess, you could fit your hand throught it by the time i left, they were still there when i came to do my OM1 and LOM courses, but they had cordend off the endd messes as they were unsafe lol. done Christmas duties there in 98 and boy was that spooky, had to go round a make sure all the buildings were locked , after everybody and buggered off on leave, and i am sure i heard sombody foling me while i was checking the the top floor of Tampax Towers 8O . Christmas dinner in the Wardroom too. Surprisingly Dot's open at during the day too leading upto christmas, as she would get custom from us on crimbo duties and security staff.

ps... what was the pub called down the road from Dryad, not The Golden Lion, the other one
Was at Dryad in 1969 as Electrical Dept ships company.I remember we had to change the light bulbs as required in the Wrens block.One box of lamps half full covered the aquired soap/shampoo and dhobey dust on leaving the towers. I never bought any of these items whilst based there. Prized possesions was soap from the showers with pubic hair still attached ,then trying to work out from whom it came.


I was in Dryad in about 2000 then again in 03. Dots diner was awesome for a hangover. Great days and when I wasn`t on course I worked in the CT Store with an old bloke called Dave Stevens the guy was a legend he was my sea daddy before I even went to sea. Mad as a bag of spanners though. The only downer working there was working for a warrant officer called John Snodden he was a bit of a nob. I once spilt coffee all over one of his Warrant officer buddies I was gutted cos I was aiming for snodden.


Might be worth opening a new post on it. Surely He`s known throughout the fleet. I know one but it involves a mate of mine and JS` daughter and although I enjoy nothin more than sharing a dit I`m not a c**t. Did you know Mad Dave Stevens?
Griff9781 said:
I was in Dryad in about 2000 then again in 03. Dots diner was awesome for a hangover. Great days and when I wasn`t on course I worked in the CT Store with an old bloke called Dave Stevens the guy was a legend he was my sea daddy before I even went to sea. Mad as a bag of spanners though. The only downer working there was working for a warrant officer called John Snodden he was a bit of a nob. I once spilt coffee all over one of his Warrant officer buddies I was gutted cos I was aiming for snodden.
I got on well with John Snodden while on the invince. though if he did not like you, he would sure as hell let you know about it.
Liked his divisions aswell lol


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I too got on with JS, although a friend of mine managed to piss him off by repeatedly marching off divisions after being told to go around again, with the words "no f**kin WO is going to tell me to go for a walk when i need a coffee"

Most funny


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Hehe, JS was fine so long as you entered into JSWorld, but I think his problem was that 'refused' to move with the times. He was the authority on Parade and Ceremonial Training, but put him in an Ops Room and I'm sure he'd turn into a quiering wreck. He was a character who was remembered for lots of reasons (unfortunately mostly the wrong ones...) :neutral:
percey99 said:
HMS DRYAD was for RP s RP did this mean ROSE PETAL ?
No RP means Rape and Pillage the second Defined Branch in the Royal Viking Navy, or in fact any navy and continued down with its traditions and training right up to the very last days of HMS Dryad.

Nutty, Leading Seaman Rape&Pillager2, Submarines

PS The first branch of course being "Oarsman"


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Yeah, and you know why? Well... when Hong Kong was handed back to the Number 1 ('96, I believe?), the Naval Party out there were required to do a ceremonial handover. The CPO(M) out there at the time (Jumper Cross) organised the whole event; marking out the training, the route, the march past, the flags, the music, etc. As JS was the Fleet Authority on Parade & CT, he was aked to assist, although to my knowledge all he did was shout at people from the dias.
The handover went smoothly and the RN was repatriated. Head honchoes were in the mood for handing out gongs and remembered the scary old man who stood at the front of the parade and looked good on camera, so gave him an award; Jumper Cross got bugger all (even though he did all the preparation). He was 'awarded' with a cushy barrack job when he came home - Buffer of Dryad, which brings us full circle!

He who shouts loudest gets noticed... :wink:


Was one of 5 stokers at Dryad 72/73....I was buffers yeoman which meant I made the soup,tea, and cheese rolls for stand easy and very little else, nice little earner....Dot supplied us with all the makings at knock down prices even though we were competition.
Staggering down the back lane from 'The Beast' to catch last orders in the club....the home brewed wine in the Beast gave you lockjaw if you had too much.


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Yeah, I heard that. I also heard that, when he reached 55 years old, he wrote to CINC and demanded a commission so the RN could employ him until he was 60! Guess what the answer was... :shock:
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