HMS Dragon visits Fowey

Entered harbour at 1200 moored in the fowey estuary quite close to the British Legion. Will post some pictures tomorrow. Believe she's open to visitors.
Believe they've finished the A 38 now, so nothing stopping you. Will endeavour get some pictures of the town as I believe there will be a naval contingent on parade this Sunday.
If anybody is going to take pictures and visit Ect, make sure you get there early, or around 2-3, as it gets really busy around lunch time, and with HMS Dragon moored up, im sure many people will want to have a look.
Im sure that Tre will vouch for me when i say that the parking in the center of town is some what limited!

Car parking is exceptionally limited in the town centre. However there is a "locals only" free car park by the squires field football pitch on Park Road. No permits etc. just free parking. Town bus runs up t the Squires field every 15 minutes. The walk into town takes no more than 7 minutes all downhill. Uphill that's a different matter, best cat the bus.
HMS Dragon supplied a contingent for the memorial service today. The Captain also led the Prayer. Well turned out, a pleasure to have had them visit.
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