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Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by steveb1000, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone help me with getting into contact with the HMS Dorsetshire Association?

    I got an address from the Navy News but it was out of date.

    Apparently there's only about survivors left, and I don't think it meets anymore, but any help appreciated.

  2. good day,
    clutching at straws i found this web sit, i have in front of me a letter, written by my fathers, mother's,' brother. dated in London 15th December 1937,posted in HongKong, he appears to have been a seaman by profession as he states that at that time ,he still has seven years to do,and that they were leaving the following satuday to "get a view of this war at first hand" he was sadly killed in action when the ship was sunk, and is on the kia list on the Dorsetshire web site, his name was Joseph Austin WO.
    anyway this may not be relevent to your search ,but i thought you would like to know, regards. Malcolm Beeston
  3. Months old this thread but thought Id add a bit anyway incase they are still searching

    Not specific contact details as I couldnt find any but the this is Plymouth one seems to hint they exist and the first link is a surviving crew members list from 2003. While the Navy News article refers to the associations of both vessels

    edit to say scratch that....... found this

    The Email address of the secretary of the Dorsetshire Association [email protected]

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