HMS Dolphin

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Buccaneer, May 31, 2007.

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  1. What is this place used for now that we have no convential subs to more there - I read where sub training had moved to Raliegh.

    That must leave only the submarine escape tower still in use.

    What else happens there now ?
  2. Something to do with medical branch training last time I heard. Why do you ask?

  3. Just wondered - used to be an old haunt
  4. Apparently called Fort Blockhouse now.
  5. It was called Fort Blockhouse when I served there in 63 - had some good runs from there to Gosport/Pompey/Southsea and places further afield like Haslar, Netley (Nurses.. ) & not forgetting Dolphin 3..!!.

  6. Yes, throughout my time , ' 53-'64 , submariners referred to HMS Dolphin as Blockhouse without the Fort . The old place had a lot of character in those days , sad to see it end as a home for submariners. But the question remains , is the 'Tank ' still in use for escape training ?
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I always knew it as Blockhouse, rarely Dolphin, the Tank is, I understand still in use for Escape Training, its also rented out on occasion for civvie divers
  8. I'm a CT and had to do a one day sub surival course down there last year, its now Fort Blockhouse. It full of Army medics working in Haslar. The SR's mess was amazing, overlooking the Solent. When I rang up to book accomodation the mess porter asked me if I'd stayed there before, to which I replied no. He promised me a sea view in my cabin and kept his word!!!!
  9. Was there in April for a night, SR mess was a sad place to be, around 2000hrs there was 3 guys in with the barman watching TV in the main bar, no conversation not even a "hello mate what you here for" from anyone, I just had a pint and left.
    Tank is still there manned by matelots the rest were army on medical courses.

    Back in Haslar on Monday for a late appointment so this time I've book myself a room at Nelson SR mess, might be a bit life there.
  10. It was a sad day when submarine training left Fort Blockhouse. Since then the SR mess has lost a lot of it's historical trophies, which went to Raleigh and the RNSMS.
  11. End of an era sadly. I live just up the road from the old place and at first glance it doesn't look that different except for the complete lack of boats.
    Used to be brill there when I first joined, all run by Coxswains. Had great fun living in the stables, rounds were a doddle. Then the school got bigger and the Crushers arrived and that was the start of the slippery slope! Now like Caz says, it's full of Pongo medics! :sad3:
  12. I remember as a kid looking through the telescope in the Admirals office as my Dad's boat (Alliance) sailed for her tour in Singapore, we later flew out for the 18mth stay, sort of got the impression the Admiral didn't like kids playing with his toys.... :dwarf:

    Must say though, later as a visiting sailor, missing that ferry was a kick in the head....long taxi trip to the Hotel which of course was in Portsmouth.... :hockey:
  13. Have you / your Dad been back to Alliance since she's been up on stilts at the museum?
  14. Blockhouse (he says, as an ex-denizen) is one of those sites that has all sorts within its boundaries.

    HQ Defence Medical Education and Training Agency (Mackenzie Block)
    33 Field Hsopital - big presence
    Sea Cadets
    Accomodation for all the above plus the MDHU and overspill and...etc etc
    The Wardroom (sorry Officer's Mess) is still pretty vibrant and still has the Dolphin-patterned carpet (nice touch, HMS DOLPHIN :) )
    Training for Army medics and BATLS course in Vulcan Block

    Of course, the Museum (now part of of the Museum of the Royal Navy)goes from strength to strength in Dolphin 2
  15. I used to based at the "Blockhouse" during the mid 70's and the late 80's as a member of SM1 serving on Oberon,Otter and Opossum, and it broke my heart to see army scab lifters roaming about the place, having spoke to a couple of them, they had no pride in Dolphin in fact they would have rather been posted else where, The SETT is the only thing in use and every thing else has shifted to guzz! The MOD should bring boats back to Dolphin, I know that is a non starter because we only have steam queens now but something should be done to preserve Dolphin otherwise it will be another shore establishment consigned to history,

    Going Deep

    Scouse B
  16. If current trends will be turned into a 'Retail Park' disgusting a thought is that? :rendeer:
  17. Dolphin or Fort Blockhouse is a strange one, not dedicated to any service any more...

    The main units are: SETT, 33 Field Hospital, DMTA.

    Of these 3 - 2 will dissapear - 33 FH and DMTA are to move nr Birmingham with the rest of the medical stuff!

    Shame to see it slowly disintegrate.
  18. ....don't hold your breath. It could be a long time coming. And think what a suitable alternative might be if it all falls through.

    The MOD have already chosen the site: Whittington Barracks in Lichfield. Theres no way they will back-track on this one 'cos if they did then it opens the gates for Haslar to be retained aswell.

    With Selly Oak as the main military wing - support functions/units will have to move within a reasonable distance - even if it does meen crossing the whole of Brum.

    Shame as it should all have been kept at Blockhouse: Haslar, DMTA & RCDM.

    What happens to Blockhouse after this is anybody's guess...

    Luxury Marina, comin' right up! :money:

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