HMS DOLPHIN (and other places) - back in time.

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by BillyNoMates, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. A well-old picture, just trawled up from the www. Boats all over
    the trots.

  2. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Hi Steve/Billy,

    Great Pic and it tells quite a story:

    All neatly lined up by Numbers - Shore lines already off - Low tide (springs?) - Casings & Fins all manned ready to slip & proceed; against an incoming tide!
    Not a harbour tug in view - I guess FOSM/Squadron Staff would have been watching like hawks....

    Potential for many points to be lost or gained that day.

    I reckon they would probably have the original Phot at the RN S/M Museum but it would be nice to know when it was taken:

    mid twenties - early Thirties anybody?
  3. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Great pic. Love the variation of painted Pennant No's

    It was taken before 1922.
    The square rigger in the background (left) has got to the Victory. She was sat in Pompey harbour until '22 when she was moved into No2 Dry Dock
  4. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Fantastic. I did enjoy seeing the picture of "WreckerL" on the fin of No.25 :D
  5. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Thanks for that pic,its brill, 8)
  6. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Long time before 1922. Look like late A class
  7. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Have a browse through this list. There's a number of
    old images of dockyards (Portsmouth, Gibraltar, Malta,
    Plymouth-Devonport and Gosport-Dolphin). Loads of
    other stuff that may be of interest to some. I'm bored
    and have a 14 Hour Night-Shift to fill. Happy Sunday!

    Here's another of a bunch of boats in Gibraltar, when there
    was a 2nd Submarine Squadron based there I presume. The
    depot ship might have been HMS FORTH? Answers please on
    a £20 note to BillyNoMates c/o RumRation, The Web, England.

  8. Many thanks Billy, Some good phots there
  9. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Are you sure that it's not TS Foudroyant? I don't know where Victory was parked in Pompey, but that is pretty much where I remember Foudroyant being.
  10. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    20/20 vision a Jim!!! Victory is to the left of what you reckon is Foudroyant(which ain't Foudroyant!).
  11. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    I think you think I was referring to the COSAS (Combined Steam and Sail) vessel above the fins of 46, 24, 47, 48, & 25 whereas I was referring to the three-master above the fin of 26. Foudroyant AKA Trincomalee was a three-master IIRC. Look before you leap.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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  13. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    I was looking for you, you [email protected] Gimme me feckin' Steamin' bats back :twisted:

    Edited to add ther's a few on here as well
  14. The COSAS vessel is the Warrior (used for storing etc)
    The vessel to its' left, tower's over the other mast's there (inc Trincomalee/Foudroyant if present). IF the Victory were in Dry Dock 2 (post '22) she would be visible close to Semaphore Tower. Not so!
  15. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    Think it's MAIDSTONE, FORTH had a bigger well deck. Next ship astern is TYNE, which served as Home Fleet flagship before becoming part of ORION (Reserve Fleet, Guzz).
  16. Re: HMS DOLPHIN - back in time.

    As this photo was well before 1922 and Tricomalee aka Foudoyant didn't arrive in Pompey until 1932 it can hardly by Foudroyant and when she did arrive in Pompey she only had one mast.
  18. Can confirm it is HMS Victory, have seen the photo before and caused the same differences of opinion as is happening here also alongside South Railway Jetty is the old Victoria and Albert the old Royal Yacht.
  19. There was - still is? - a couple of pictures on the walls of the "Still & West" of Vanguard's bow towering over the pub.

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