HMS Dido lifebuoy


I am a member of the HMS Dido Association and I have been assigned the task of finding a lifebuoy bearing the crest of our old ship.
We think the Bolton sea cadets nicked, sorry, borrowed the original when she was de-commissioned in '83.
You know the type. The one displayed by the brow on what I think is called the crucifix when tied up alongside.
Does any old matelot out there know where these are made, or where we can get our paws on one that is surplus to requirements?


dude lifebuoy is a soap :lol: :lol:

nost naval chandelers will do this for you there are places in pompey and at chatham dockyard

have you searched ebay ?
ot tried the Naval museum in pompey they will be able to put you on the right track
also call tony sattin at rna hq there is a site as they have 1 there
i will advise you it wont come cheap but what in life does nowdays

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