HMS Dido 1946


I have searched all over the net with no luck, my father was on board the Dido in "46 when it was in Norway for the King of Norway's funeral.

I am searching for anyone who was on board the AA classs cruiser in the era who might have known him or for any info on how to get hold of a ships company roster of that year.

I know that any "jacks " from the that era now must close to their 80' as my father passed the bar in '93 at age 64.

Thought I would give it a try here to see if anyone knows of a Dido association that I could contact.

Many thanks


Lantern Swinger
I had a look at which has a members list but it doesn't include any of 1946 vintage. There's a Guestbook you could try.

Just as an aside, the King of Norway didn't die in 1946 - you'd be referring to King Haakon VII, who died in 1957. He returned to Norway in 1945. Dido did, however, take the King and Queen to the Isle of Man for a visit in 1946.


Thanks for the update there GW, I have a pic of the Dido which had it written on the back about the King of Norway, to this day I didn't realise it was incorrect as I know very little about my fathers time in the RN.

Your learn seomthing new every day for sure.


I am the Secretary of the newly formed HMS Dido Association, we do have a number of members that served on the cruiser and would be happy to pass on your details if you wish, it is against our Association policy to pass on members details without their permission.