HMS Diamond - Launch


Lantern Swinger
Anyone going? Got my press accreditation this morning. Really looking forward to it. Did HMS Daring last year and had a good day.


Lantern Swinger
Journo! JOURNO!! I'll give you journo! I'm a snapper! Don't do words just pictures! Fecking Reggies!! :dwarf: :thumright:

27th November, Govan.
I can't find information about this launch anywhere on the net. Not even on the Royal Navy website (why?). Could any kind soul please tell me what time the launch is?

Also, I've never actually been to the launch of a ship before. Do I need a ticket?
last we heard from the D Boats Association (in August this year)the launch was tue's 27th Nov, as far as tickets are concerned the association was selling these, so assume you would have to have a ticket to attend - may be worth contacting them for further info....hope this helps

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